Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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    Shoppable ‘mobile microzine’ shows the future of content marketing

    Zumobi, a leader in mobile content marketing solutions, today announced a new mobile “Microzine” experience for Bag Borrow or Steal that leverages Zumobi’s Brand Integration (Zbi) Platform.  Zumobi’s Zbi Platform aggregates content from Bag Borrow or Steal’s blog, Twitter and Instagram feeds, into a dynamic shopping experience called a Microzine that is optimized for the mobile web.

    A key component of the Microzine is the ability to introduce Shoppable Content, a new way for brands to offer direct links to purchasable items featured in their content. In the Bag Borrow or Steal Microzine, luxury bags and other items are recommended to shoppers based on the individual’s interest.

    With 78 percent of consumers desiring some degree of personalized content from brands and retailers, the opportunity to target customers with personalized content has never been greater. This, paired with the fact that brands are spending billions of dollars to develop content about their products is proving to be the optimal time for them to leverage the Microzine Shoppable Content feature in their marketing campaigns.

    “Through this partnership, Zumobi is able to take Bag Borrow or Steal’s content to a new mobile audience to help activate their consumers and drive higher conversion rates for their service,” said Marla Schimke, VP of Zumobi. “The introduction of Shoppable Content also benefits the consumer through simplifying the purchase process when they read about a product they are interested in.”

    “Our job as a retailer now requires the ability to not only stay ahead of fashion trends, but digital trends as well, as more consumers take their shopping habits to their smartphone,” said Robert Treves, COO of Bag Borrow or Steal. “This year, we’re focused on jumpstarting our mobile efforts and engaging smartphone users – a new audience for our company.  Zumobi’s Microzine enables us to accomplish this by providing an elegant app-like experience for our customers, without developing a separate app.”

    Currently more than two-thirds of companies site that having all marketing activities integrated across channels is a priority, yet only 39 percent say they understand customer journeys and adapt the channel mix accordingly, as reported in an Oracle study. By leveraging Zumobi’s Zbi Platform, brands and retailers, such as Bag Borrow or Steal, are able to distribute and measure their content across mobile channels while harnessing valuable customer data and insights that can be used to better target consumers in their marketing efforts.

    Partnering with Hi Pop! Media, a Seattle-based digital marketing agency, Bag Borrow or Steal’s Microzine will be presented to new and existing luxury retailer consumers, helping to draw them into the interactive mobile web experience.

    “We’re very excited to partner with Zumobi and believe the Microzine will be a tremendous asset to our digital brand marketing plan for Bag Borrow or Steal,” said Tad Richardson, Principal at Hi Pop! Media. “With the Microzine, we’ve created an engaging way to reach new and existing consumers with the rich content that vividly illustrates the personality of the Bag Borrow or Steal brand.”

    To view a demonstration of the Bag Borrow or Steal Microzine, click here with your mobile device or watch this video on your desktop computer.

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