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    Sinch connects marketing, support and sales teams to SMS customers in HubSpot integration

    Sinch MessageMedia’s two-way SMS and MMS capabilities are being integrated into HubSpot’s Service Hub, providing marketing, sales and service teams with a 360-degree view of customers’ communications all within the platform, ensuring full visibility across their business and consistent message delivery across channels.

    “Businesses today face the ongoing challenge of juggling customer inquiries and engagements across multiple channels — email, phone, SMS and social. Through this new SMS and MMS Service Hub integration, Sinch MessageMedia makes it easy to streamline communications throughout the entirety of the customer journey. By connecting each part of our customers’ businesses together — from marketing and sales to service and support — we ensure the right messages reach the right people on the platforms they prefer,” explains Doug Rubingh, President, US & UK, Sinch MessageMedia.

    “Our customers want to achieve great results fast, and we’re always looking to provide solutions and tools that will help them do their jobs quickly and streamline operations,” said Scott Brinker, VP of platform ecosystem at HubSpot. “Sinch MessageMedia’s offering is a great option for achieving that efficiency, and we’re excited that they’re a part of the App Partner Program.”

    In today’s macroeconomic environment, it is increasingly important for brands to maintain a strong sense of connection with their customers, and conversational messaging bolsters these customer engagement efforts. In fact, research from Sinch MessageMedia shows customers are 82% more likely to have a favourable impression of a company’s brand simply by being able to engage in two-way conversations.

    Sinch MessageMedia’s SMS for HubSpot solution provides powerful one-to-one conversational messaging that enables brands to build stronger relationships with their customers. In addition to this new Service Hub integration, Sinch MessageMedia is also compatible across other areas of HubSpot’s CRM platform, including the Marketing and Sales Hubs. Specific benefits include:

    • Real-Time Communication:Customers today expect instantaneous responses – especially when reaching out for support. Recent Sinch MessageMedia research found that 33% of customers expect an immediate response when digitally connecting with a brand; SMS can help businesses deliver prompt service, respond to urgent issues, and maintain real-time communication with customers, all within the Service Hub.
    • Customer Engagement:SMS messages have high open rates; using this channel for customer service can lead to higher engagement rates, more reliable delivery of critical updates and information, and more satisfied customers.
    • Personalized Service:With HubSpot’s CRM capabilities and Sinch MessageMedia’s integration, businesses can personalize their SMS communications based on customer information and previous interactions, improving customer experience. This can lead to more effective, customer-centric service, and save teams time getting up to speed.
    • Automation Opportunities:With HubSpot’s automation capabilities, businesses can automate certain SMS communications, such as appointment reminders, order updates, delivery reminders, and service updates. This helps businesses improve efficiency and consistency in their customer service.
    • 360-Degree View & Centralized Communication History:All SMS communications are logged within the same system as other customer interactions, providing support agents with a comprehensive view of each customer’s communication history, enabling them to deliver more informed and cohesive service.
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