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    Social Media Marketing For Small Business: 6 Strategies For Success

    Social media is one of the best platforms for marketing. Both small and large businesses need to connect with potential customers and existing fans. It also helps you attract awareness for your brand. However, if you are marketing a small business with limited resources, it may feel like you are doing a ton of things and not have enough time. Besides that, having good business plan templates can boost your business as well.

    Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to do social media marketing. All you need is have the right strategy in place and you can have a successful campaign according to

    Here are some tips on social media marketing for small business:
    1. Make a plan

    It is easy to simply go on social media and start posting anything related to your industry. Without a plan, it means that you have not set clear goals, which also means there is no way to measure if you are achieving what you are set to do.

    Below are some things you need to plan on:

    • Objectives and goals.Define what you want to achieve on social media. Follow the SMART framework of planning – specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely. Do you simply want more followers or do you want a higher conversion rate? Set a goal and start from there.
    • Do a social media audit.Do you have existing social media accounts? You need to assess what you have done so far and what you have achieved. Search for other accounts that may be carrying the same brand name as yours, so you can make a plan on what to do about those accounts.
    • Research your competition.If your competition has a successful social media presence, never attempt to copy them. Study what they are doing and think of ways on how you can improve. This way, you do not have to spend more time learning. Think of it as a shortcut in your social media education.

    2. Know your target audience

    Knowing your target audience when planning social media marketingnarrows down your research. If you are targeting millennials or the Gen Z, for example, you will know which platform you should focus your time more.

    Snapchat is a platform that more millenials and the gen z use. So, if you are targeting potential customers in their 40s, you are using the wrong platform. Also, knowing your target audience gives you insight on what kinds of posts you should publish.

    3. Connect with your followers

    It is easy to simply publish a post and then wait for people to click on the link. That is not how social media works. You need to make real connections by interacting with your followers. You need to set aside an hour or two just to answer questions, or to simply have a conversation with people.

    People often tag or mention their friends on the comments section when they find something useful or interesting. Take that as an opportunity to make suggestions or to tell them more about your products. That is how you make a connection and build trust.

    4. Share visuals as often as you can

    People do not like reading lengthy posts, especially marketing articles. What is more effective right now are videos, infographics, and photos. The moment it grabs attention, your followers will finish watching that video. Lengthy posts, on the other hand, takes more concentration from the beginning, and social media is not really the place for that.

    5. Always choose quality over quantity

    A lot of businesses out there post whatever they could find as often as possible in order for their followers to notice them. By doing this, social media users tap the hide button and the posts will never appear on their newsfeed again. Avoid this. Choose good quality posts that give value to your followers.

    Writing a sales pitch all the time will only bore them. For example, instead of posting about your new product and its new features, post about why it is a solution to problems. Put some more thought into it and be more creative.

    6. Use the tools

    You do not have to spend hours analyzing data such as analytics and engagement. You also do not have to create videos and graphics from scratch. There are several social media tools that you can use such as Hootsuite, Brandwatch, Canva, and BuzzSumo to help you work efficiently. If you want to create videos from scratch to templates, check out this online video editor.


    Social media marketing is easy to learn and is truly beneficial to small businesses. You do not have to shell out a ton of money to get brand awareness. Sometimes, all you need to do is simply connect with your followers — you will get the numbers that you need and the conversion that your company is aiming for.

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