Sunday, April 21, 2024
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    South Africans are increasingly at ease with new digital and mobile technology

    Effective Measure today released “Generational Lifestyles in South Africa 2017,” a research report that shows over a quarter of surveyed South Africans describe themselves as ‘at ease’ with computers, mobile phones and new technology.

    The report confirms that technology is becoming further integrated into South Africans’ lives. According to the data, at least 68% of all South African generations last accessed the internet yesterday, at least 15% those surveyed use their phones hourly, and over 40% of respondents access the internet for over five hours a day on average.

    As for our values, the data shows a strong trend towards time with friends and family becoming increasingly valued with age, with younger respondents identifying ‘making money’ and ‘having a fulfilling career’ as the most immediately important things to them.

    “We conducted this research because we understand and have seen first-hand just how crucial audience data is for brands and agencies, specifically when employing programmatic advertising,” said Greg Mason, Sub Saharan Africa Regional MD, Effective Measure.

    “This report provides a unique insight into the different audiences and markets in South Africa, and what they value and consume in life and online.”

    To conduct this study, Effective Measure surveyed 2,941 people within South Africa throughout March 2017. All responses were collected via an online survey served exclusively across websites who are tagged with Effective Measure within South Africa. There was no incentive for respondents to take the survey and all responses were completely voluntary.

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