Monday, April 15, 2024
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    Sq1’s new message broadcast platform helps keep your lists clean and up to date

    Square 1 Communications has launched a new message broadcast system that allows easy addition of numbers to your lists from any sort of mobile interaction with your platform.

    Like all message broadcast APIs, The Message Squared Broadcast Manager allows you to compile lists of mobile phone numbers, upload them to a web console and then send text messages out to those lists. In this respect it is the same as other Broadcast Managers available to you.

    However, unlike all other message broadcast platforms, Message Squared uses an API-driven list compiler, so you can automatically add and remove mobile numbers from your lists using its simple API.

    Every time a mobile calls the host’s IVR service, uses host’s existing SMS applications or enters a mobile number onto the company’s website, the company can add them into its lists within the platform.

    And as we know, clean lists make for happy regulators: with the platform’s advanced list washing features the user can keep lists updated and free from numbers that are non-profitable, blacklisted or ‘opt-outs’.

    The user can also use the API to remove numbers so users can ‘opt-out’ from its website, by phone or any other method you can think of.

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