Thursday, June 13, 2024

    Square 1’s Guidescreen helps aggregators and SMEs launch new SMS services quickly and easily worldwide

    Square 1 Communications has launched a new platform for both UK and Global aggregators, L1s, L2s and SME  that want to use SMS for interactive services or as a marketing tool.

    GuideScreen is a simple-to-use hosted platform that allows aggregators and others to build, manage and host any SMS service via the web. From simple message-in and message-out applications to more complex interactive services using the aggregator or SME’s own routes, free to user or billing SMS services, GuideScreen allows any business to integrate SMS services to other platforms such as email and database.

    The service fulfills the need to be able to build and launch services very quickly without the need for expensive development teams. GuideScreen can be used by non technical staff and allows companies to concentrate on their main task.

    GuideScreen can also be branded and access levels may in some cases be granted to the end client allowing them to build what is needed.

    “Many aggregators are just that, aggregators and they leave the development and building of SMS services up to clients, however many clients don’t have the development teams or the skills to build services,” says Mark Birkett, CEO of Square 1. “GuideScreen overcomes this and allows the aggregator to build them whilst ensuring they always fit within the ever increasing regulatory framework, removing the risk of rouge services.”

    GuideScreen is currently being used by an aggregator in the UK and several other countries where it has direct connections and is allowing the aggregator to build and launch the services globally that may work in a similar way but have  slightly differing,  but far reaching, regulatory requirements in each territory –  all without the need to pull on internal and expensive development staff, access can be given to country manages who are able to set up services as needed for each area.


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