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StarTele Logic makes foray into European CPaaS market; develops secure feature-rich unified communications platform


Leading end-to-end communication solutions provider, StarTele Logic, has made in roads into the European CPaaS market with the successful completion of its latest venture for Switzerland-based Winet Voicetec Solutions AG.

As a part of the association, StarTele aided by its state-of-the-art technology developed Ayrix, a modular, secure, feature-rich unified communication and collaboration (UCC) platform to service companies with superior telephony service.

StarTele developed this unified communications platform, allowing companies to communicate at ease internally and externally with their clients, via multi-party voice, video, dialing, instant messaging (IM), file share, screen share, and many more.

As a communication technology enabler, StarTele understands enterprises’ needs for simple, secure, and easy-to-operate solutions. An ideal unified communications platform for enterprises of all sizes, Ayrix can easily be installed in any virtual machine or a Linux-based server and has a clear simple user-interface. Not just free calls, the UCC platform is inbuilt with all everyday business-relevant features such as call redirection, high-definition video and voice calls, voice mails, call recording, interactive voice menus (IVRs), and call queues.

StarTele’s innovative offering is a cost-effective solution that requires little memory and CPU and further allows companies the flexibility to choose their providers, meaning significant cost savings. Enterprises have the option to host the system on their premises or to an external host and set up the system as per the scale of their operation. StarTele delivered a simple, one-time easy-to-install UCC platform that can free the enterprises of the recurring licensing fee that they pay for using some prominent services such as Zoom or Google suite of services.

Currently, Ayrix is being deployed by a major Swiss provider, to render its services to its clients. With the software’s easy adaptability, StarTele envisions it will see great demand among companies for scaling their services and operations widely.

“StarTele Logic’s pioneering technology development and quality delivery have helped devise this unique, all-encompassing offering to provide companies the option of easy cost-effective telephony services. We are thrilled at the potential Ayrix as a UC platform holds in the market amidst a sea of competitors,” says Daniel Maier, CEO, Winet Voicetec Solutions AG.

As one of the leading communication tech companies simplifying business solutions, StarTele Logic, CEO, Umesh Pande, adds: “Our endeavor largely has been to challenge the existing and strive to offer only the best that can be measured. With Ayrix, we had an uphill task; to deliver a product that is universally reaching and yet, is uncomplicated and affordable. I am glad we could deliver as promised. The UCaaS platform stands as a reflection of StarTele’s continuous efforts at providing the finest communication tech solution available along with superlative experience.”

Umesh will be appearing in the 8.1 conference very soon to cover this and other exciting international project

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