Sunday, April 21, 2024
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    ‘Tame’ Super Bowl pushes up mobile engagement

    The Super Bowl marked a battle between East vs. West with the New England Patriots beating the LA Rams. As one of the more tame Super Bowl games to date, Localytics, a mobile engagement firm, assessed mobile engagement from the start of the game to the end of the game.

    The firm found there was significant lift in average app launches in the Entertainment category (about 45%) during the hour the game started (6-7pm) and a lift of 12% from 9-10pm and a lift of 10% from 8-9pm (halftime show).

    There was also a lift of 27% in Sports apps from 9-10, a 9% spike in Social Networking apps in the hour following the game, and 6% and 7% lifts respectively for Social Networking and Music during the halftime show.

    Looking at the chart, the halftime show did not succeed in driving much mobile engagement this year. It seems like the Super Bowl did generate some though, particularly near the beginning and end of the game. New England fans were more engaged during the Super Bowl, especially near the end, having spent 34% more time in apps sharing stories on social media, reviewing player statistics, and watching replays in streaming apps.

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