Monday, April 15, 2024
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    Task Telecom International chooses for all-in-one global number and messaging platform as CPaaS market grows

    Tapping into the burgeoning communications platforms as a service (CPaaS) market,, an expert in global number and messaging services, has been selected by Task Telecom International, a leading provider of international voice connectivity and SMS solutions, for its purpose-built DID inventory management solution.

    The modular and fully API-enabled platform automates the supply chain experience across number and messaging services.

    The inventory management platform makes it simple to monetise the opportunity in serving resellers, customers and the CPaaS and unified communications (UC) market. With a full suite of APIs, Task Telecom International can easily add providers, customers and inventories to an all-in-one solution, or seamlessly integrate individual modules with existing business systems.

    “At we’re focused on innovating in the voice and messaging space to provide a modern solution to a traditional challenge. Global number and messaging procurement is often painfully slow and manual, despite the automation and digital transformation that is ramping up across other sectors,” says Neil Kitcher, CEO and Founder at “Our inventory management platform automates the supply chain to reduce inventory stock costs and eliminate provisioning delays. We’re looking forward to providing Task Telecom International with a comprehensive solution to simplify and grow voice and messaging in its business.”

    By partnering with, Task Telecom International gains an immediate on-demand revenue opportunity, along with full control, visibility, analytics, routing and switching capabilities. It can provide new voice and messaging capabilities to its customers across global markets including MENA, the Pacific Rim and Caribbean.

    “We’re looking forward to utilising’s platform to simplify voice and messaging end-to-end with full control. Being able to manage all providers, customers, inventory, porting, routing and switching as required is a real game-changer for our business,” adds Malachy Harkin, CEO at Task Telecom International. “Our customers benefit from an easy to consume interface, and ensures complete compliance so we don’t have to worry about those details. We’re excited to monetise the expanding opportunity in CPaaS, CCaaS and customer engagement platforms without adding complexities to our operations.”

    Task Telecom International provides international voice connectivity and SMS solutions to telecom-related businesses, with a large presence in the Middle East and African markets. More recently, the company has developed a range of products and services to address the Value Added Service requirements of its clients in the Pacific Rim and Caribbean markets.

    It caters to a wide range of businesses including mobile operators, national regulatory entities, retail service vendors and system integrators from its offices in Dublin, Ireland and Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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