Telemedia for Mobile Platform & Technology Providers

The Telemedia industry has the commercial expertise to bring network, billing and delivery capabilities into partnership with anyone able to identify an audience through those who provide mobile platforms and technology. This makes it an important catalyst in successfully turning many of today’s digital content and media challenges into highly lucrative opportunities.

Much of the technology in use in the mass market today has been touted for many years in Telemedia as the next big thing. We pride ourselves on reporting on the latest, commercial opportunities powered by technology providers in conjunction with the full value chain.

How does Telemedia help Mobile Platform & Technology Providers?

  • Development: Telemedia provides a platform for developing multi channel content, service and billing strategies
  • Understanding: A place that brings together VoIP, IPTV, podcasting, triple and quad-play and all other converged technologies impact every aspect of the telemedia value chain
  • Trends: Uncovering trends within the converging markets of the web, mobile, TV and media
  • Insight: Telemedia provides industry insight in to next generation developments
  • Commercially focused: Practical guidance on how to optimize platform capacity and technical advancements

Maximize your value in “the chain” which generates premium network traffic (PSMS, PRS) and discover where the next opportunity lies in partnership with Media & Marketing Groups, SPs, Aggregators, Network Operators, Convergent Technology and Billing Specialists.

Glossary of Terms

What is VoIP?

VoIP stand for Voice over Internet Protocol. It’s basically using the internet to make a phone call rather than your landline or mobile.

What is IPTV?

It stands for Internet Protocol TV and is TV delivered over the internet rather than through traditional terrestrial, satellite or cable channels. Once an out-there idea when it was first talked about in Telemedia circles, but probably part of most people’s everyday lives these days.

What is multi-channel content?

Multi-channel content is the use of all channels available to distribute or market services to the target market. Delivering content across more than one channel widens the opportunity for users to interact with the content in their favourite way.