Monday, May 20, 2024

    Tecnotree launches Spark, an intelligent wallet for Digital Service Providers

    Tecnotree, a global provider of business support systems for the telecom industry, has launched Tecnotree Spark, an ‘intelligent wallet’ set to reshape and modernise the payment and services sector. Reflecting the dominant trends in fintech, Tecnotree Spark is a payment platform connecting subscribers, businesses and partners together in one ecosystem.

    At a time when both fixed and mobile global operators are showing a tremendous capacity for innovation and agility, service providers need platforms that offer a joined-up, personalised digital wallet and ecosystem experience for both existing customers and potential new ones. With consumers as well as businesses betting on digital services like never before, the launch of Tecnotree Spark demonstrates the company’s ability to respond to requirements with speed, agility and operational excellence.

    The innovative platform is comprised of four key components: Digital Wallet, Digital Banking, Intelligent Services Accelerator and Surge Microservices Accelerator. Tecnotree’s converged 5G charging framework – which is critical to supporting differentiated tariffs and bundling – and AI enabled insights and recommendations can be additionally integrated. The platform has world class security baked in via industrial strength encryption technologies, multi factor authentication methods including biometric, early detection of fraud and risk via AI enabled algorithms and tamper-proof audit trail via a blockchain infrastructure.

    The result is that Tecnotree Spark delivers a self-onboarding solution that allows subscribers to house their digital wallets, banking, loyalty points and more in one centralised place; enabling access to financial services on the go. Businesses of all sizes can host their products and services in a digital m-commerce marketplace, enabling them to reach new customer bases; while telecom partners are also connected to this ecosystem via onboarding, smart contracting and payments.

    With mobile financial services undergoing unprecedented levels of digitalisation, fuelled by the convergence of technology and data, Tecnotree Spark offers new opportunities for operators by helping them deliver unprecedented value to their customers through a superior omnichannel experience.

    “Today, we have addressed the market need for a fintech solution that reflects the challenges posed by the current pandemic. Tecnotree Spark will help operators to maximise their positions as digital services providers, improve customer experience and boost revenue opportunities with tools to build a full 360 partner ecosystem,” says Padma Ravichander, CEO of Tecnotree Corporation.

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