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Telecom traffic up 32% week-on-week and 76% since pandemic began


New research from analytics company Contentsquare, reveals that the telecoms industry has seen a +32% surge in digital traffic this past week, contributing to an overall +76% more visits since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

This analysis comes from the Covid-19 Impact on eCommerce Data Hub created by Contentsquare and is based on real-time data from over 7.3 billion website visitor sessions from around the world.

The latest data shows that traffic for general telecoms products like subscription services are up +40% above normal traffic. However, transactions are down by -2%, which may be as a result of supply chain issues.

Commenting on these findings, Aimee Stone Munsell, CMO at Contentsquare says: “With people continuing to work from home, the demand for communications equipment and software has naturally increased as a means of keeping in contact with colleagues, partners and customers.”

Munsell  concludes: “While this is good news for the sector, it has led to issues in the supply chain, with stock issues and many customers having to wait to receive telecom products. The current situation is really magnifying — and reshaping — our reliance on the telco industry, and once the pandemic slows, telecoms will be one of the sectors that will continue to grow and flourish.”

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