Friday, April 19, 2024
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    Telefonica Movistar Argentina creates 30% more video network capacity

    Telefonica Movistar Argentina has deployed a complete Traffic Management solution from Enea to effectively manage the rapid demand for mobile data, video streaming and the subsequent rise in levels of Over-The-Top (OTT) service encryption.

    With a subscriber base of over 27 million, Telefonica Movistar Argentina has one of the largest footprints in South America. Like many operators globally during the lockdown, the network provider is experiencing high mobile data consumption as video streaming increases to unprecedented levels.

    The exponential rise in mobile data traffic and increasing levels of OTT encryption go hand in hand – and this is now a major challenge for operators. Protocols such as HTTPS and Google QUIC have darkened networks, restricting their visibility and opportunity to enhance subscriber quality of experience (QoE) with conventional traffic management and optimization products.

    Alejandro Ghianni, Director of Technology Design, Telefonica Movistar Argentina says: “We evaluated a number of different solutions as our network has experienced a rise in encrypted traffic along with the growing demand for data, primarily video. The innovative solution from Enea has proven notable. They have demonstrated their expertise and backed it up with excellent levels of service.”

    In order to ensure that subscribers do not suffer from poor QoE – such as buffering and degraded video quality – Enea’s Encrypted Video Manager – part of the Traffic Management Suite originally developed by Openwave Mobility – enables transparent classification of encrypted video flows to balance picture and playback video quality in real time. By managing encrypted video in this way, Telefonica’s network now delivers 30% more video volume using the same infrastructure and at a consistent quality across subscribers. The overall increase in network capacity has been complemented by a 25% reduction in latency with Enea’s TCP Acceleration. 

    Indranil Chatterjee, Chief Customer Officer, Enea says: “Our solutions are tailored to meet each operator’s network requirements. During the lockdown, we noticed a 25-30 per cent increase in demand for mobile data across South America, largely driven by video and live streaming. Our technology helped Telefonica Movistar Argentina scale quickly and manage this increase in peak throughput traffic effectively.”

    Enea’s traffic management solutions were originally developed by Openwave Mobility.  The solutions alleviate radio network congestion, accelerate video delivery, and improve subscribers’ quality of experience. The portfolio supports 5G and includes the Encrypted Video Manager, RAN Congestion Manager, and TCP Accelerator. Enea’s open and cloud-native products are used by network operators worldwide, including eight out of the ten largest mobile operator groups in the world.

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