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    Telegram takes messaging marketing to the next level: how to make it work for you

    Messaging app Telegram, which has grown exponentially in the two years since its launch, is now being touted as the ideal messaging platform for business to consumer messaging.

    Telegram became one of the top five downloaded apps worldwide in 2022, with more than 700 million monthly active users. With such a high number of users and huge popularity, Telegram has attracted the attention of every professional marketer. Increased interest for Telegram by marketers is not a surprise given the fact that using its powerful features efficiently can increase the visibility and outreach of a business, boost sales and get the target audience to explore companies’ products and services, surprisingly, without any costs.

    The key thing is that Telegram is free of charge and has never paid to advertise its apps; its growth owns to personal recommendations giving the app more credibility among its users.

    Moreover, Telegram is tailor-made to facilitate businesses to communicate with their target audience and keep them informed by sharing rich content like long text messages, pictures, videos, etc.

    Launching promotional campaigns through Telegram increases sales, improves brand awareness and provides more traffic to the website. Though users can purchase Telegram comments to enhance their growth, following some simple strategy will also give them rapid growth.

    Additionally, Telegram enables businesses to support their customers round the clock. With its powerful chatbots, available 24/7 companies unburden their customer support team of minor issues enabling it to deal with more complex problems.

    And one of the key ways to leverage the power of Telegram comes from World Telemedia Marbella silver sponsor and grand sponsor of the show’s SMS Forum, HORISEN. With the right tool, Telegram can be a field of incredible opportunities for messaging marketing. With HORISEN Business Messenger, Telegram takes messaging marketing to the next level by boosting customer experience and maximising business performance in the long run.

    This web-based, all-in-one messaging platform for business marketing allows marketers to easily create and execute multiple campaigns on Telegram through the powerful Campaign Manager.

    “HORISEN Business Messenger is a highly intuitive platform with powerful features aimed at engaging the right audience with relevant and timely messages,” says the company. “Furthermore, this easy-to-use tool enables marketers to craft personalized messages with rich content and landing pages making the best use of Telegram features.

    “Additionally, HORISEN Business Messenger with its “Easy Dialog” application enables one-to-one and two-way chats with users via Telegram, enhancing customer satisfaction and engagement. Its chatbots are fully automatized and can be connected with APIs to a conversation via Telegram taking over the chat flow with the user. Thus, this feature-rich Business Messenger brings a high level of automation to any size of business, manageable from a single spot.”

     HORISEN Business Messenger grants a high level of automation and a workflow that can drive scale and efficiency for everyone who decides to tap into the messaging marketing business. It is designed as an omnichannel tool to provide communication between businesses and their target audience across different channels such as Telegram, SMS, Web Push, Viber, FB messenger, Instagram, Google Business Chat and many more, harmonizing all channels in one comfortable view.

    Meet HORISEN and learn more about how Business Messenger can help deliver what you want at World Telemedia Marbella on 19-21 October. Sign up here.

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