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Telemedia in 10 Vodcast Ep02: Carrier billing growth, Boku-Fortumo, Ofcom, GSMA job cuts, Kevin Dawson


This week Jarvis Todd and Paul Skeldon take a look at how carrier billing is getting yet more attention, with one report predicting a 13% CAGR between now and 2023 – quite right too, as our Mythbuster white papers can attest.

We  also look at what the merger of Boku and Fortumo means for the industry, how 81% of the UK is now accessing the web via mobile and what the GSMA cutting a fifth of its workforce means for next year’s Mobile World Congress and beyond.

Oh, and if you wait til the end, there is something funny…

Catch up Episode 1 >>>https://www.telemediaonline.co.uk/telemedia-in-10-14-days-10-minutes-all-telemedia/

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