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Telemedia Magazine – Issue 50


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In this issue:

  • Is freemium dead – and is micropayment going to take its place?
  • Carrier billing drives engagement across VAS in the real world
  • Money back guarantee
  • Why telcos are well positioned to respond to the challenges of GDPR
  • Messaging: the heart of VAS delivery
  • Protecting content and VAS from fraud
  • Growth and creativity in the messaging sector
  • Engagement is the name of the game – and we are the engagement industry
  • Loyalty, engagement and reward in the cryptocurrency era
  • Managing crypto regulation
  • What programmatic models mean for the digital industry
  • Alternative ways to drive business with affiliate marketing
  • Malware APKs Attack on Mobile Advertising
  • Digital marketing trends 2019
  • World Telemedia 2018 preview
  • Number cruncher

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