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    Telemedia Magazine – Issue 58

    Telemedia Magazine Issue 58 - front cover
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    Issue 58 features include:

    • Content Still King During The Reign of Covid19:
      The virus outbreak has seen people turn to mobile and online services for entertainment, news, healthcare, fitness, sport, shopping and human contact. So what’s working where?
    • Sports Content: The Lockerdown E-volution
      With everyone in isolation and live sporting fixture on hold, consumers are moving to esports for entertainment, gaming, contact and even gambling. We take a global look the exciting prospects for eSports.
    • Quick Out of the Blocks With eSports
      eSports was already on the rise, but recent events and widespread isolation has driven even greater uptake. We look at what content works best and where this goes when the live action returns.
    • e & m Commerce For Sofa Shoppers
      Shopping is now almost a totally sofa-based activity, so we take a look at how e & m commerce have blossomed and what the longer-term opportunities are for telemedia and affiliate marketing.
    • Payments & Billing in the Digital World
      The rise in content services and global ecommerce has instigated a surge in online and mobile payments. We profile the market leaders and assess future prospects.
    • Carrier Billing – The Ideal Way to Pay?
      As digital content grows in popularity, so carrier billing is sure to follow. We take a global look at the opportunity and prove how this seismic shift in the consumption of content is here to stay.
    • Carrier Billing & Gambling
      Gambling operators are starting to realise that carrier billing is an ideal tool to reduce basket abandonment, increase customer acquisition and credit card conversations – here’s why.
    • IPRN Has Never Been More Important
      How do the leading players see these payment services developing in the future and why is this still crucial for the global expansion of telemedia services?
    • Beating eCommerce Fraud
      The growth in online sales and services has led, naturally, to a boom in fraud. Here we take a look at the latest figures and assess what all merchants and service providers should be doing to mitigate it
    • Cyber Security Tips
      There has been a spike in cyber security issues around the burgeoning use of online and mobile services. What do merchants and service providers need to know to protect their businesses?
    • Groaning Roaming & 5G
      With international travel on hold, short term revenues will suffer but with 5G on the rise – things can only get better right?
    • Engagement – Battle for the Eyeballs
      What should your digital marketing strategy be to encourage more consumers to engage with your brand and buy more content, services and goods?
    • Mastering B2B With No F2F!
      With limited face-to-face [B2B] marketing opportunities, what are the most effective ways to connect with clients, partners and customers? Make the digital channel work for your business using white papers, fact sheets, webinars, virtual events and even the odd online ‘pub quiz’.

    All the latest news, views and opinions from across the VAS value chain.

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