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Telemedia Magazine – Issue 59


Telemedia Magazine Issue 59 front cover
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Issue 59 features include:

Monetisation as a service (Maas)
As mainstream companies and operators look for an online and mobile content and billing service to tap into the pandemic online boom, Telemedia is changing from an aggregator based throughput model to a more orchestrated approach. Here we take a look at what that means for the industry and what it offers.

Messaging + Payments = consumer boom
Combining messaging and payments is the first step into Maas and opens the door to conversational commerce: here is how it works

Conversational commerce
When Chris Messina first used the term “conversational commerce” in 2015, he foresaw a future in which chat apps and conversation interfaces would redefine how we discover, evaluate and purchase goods and services online. Well, it is here. This is what it means for the industry

How messaging has changed
Use of video comms has risen 43% globally and voice calls are up, while SMS has dropped off by 23% as the ways people want to talk to businesses evolves through the pandemic. This is what it means for Maas, Conversational commerce and the telemedia sector.

How MNOs need to build trust
DCB is slowly gaining some mainstream fans, but it still needs MNOs to help build trust for it to be ubiquitous and realise its potential. Here MCP outlines how to make this happen.

The end of cash
James Booth, VP Head of Partnerships, EMEA at PPRO, examines how changing consumer habits during the pandemic have changed payments – and what that means for the payment business and the wider world.

Why am I carrying dirty cash for travel?
I always carry cash on me. But in today’s contactless, card swiping society, does that make me a bit behind the times? David Foord from Fonix examines his behaviour and examines how smart ticketing is going to boom.


Sport, gaming and payments
As the UK becomes the latest country in Europe to instigate a second full lockdown, we are all in need of some digital distraction – and sport and esports, along with gaming, are set to give us all something to take our minds off the horrors of the pandemic. Bring that together with esports and payments is set to score a hattrick

Even Dr Who uses Blockchain
Few things get us tech-heads more excited that Dr Who or the Blockchain… put them together and heads start to explode. But that is just what BBC Studios and Reality Gaming Group have done in creating a new Dr Who trading card game.

Monetising game streaming
Following the rise of digitalisation, developments within the global gaming industry have become increasingly advanced throughout the 21st century. Not only in gaming but also other entertainment sectors, the pre-existing trend of manufacturing and purchasing physical copies of the latest releases has become somewhat outdated. This comes as a result of the growing popularity and convenience of streaming platforms.

How Android, Bitcoin and Blockchain are changing the world
Building on our theme, we show how android, bitcoin, and blockchain are changing the world and how you can use them for your benefits.

Social media
Social networking has grown from a small niche product into a global phenomenon. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram play an increasingly large role in modern human experience. For better or worse, social media is here to stay. But just how much of an effect is it having on our lives? What is the average time spent on social media platforms? The answer may surprise you.

Is personalisation still an important feature for digital businesses?
We take a look how personalisation, once the holy grail of marketers, has changed and evolved – and ask is it really important these days, isn’t everything personalised?

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