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    Telemedia Magazine – Issue 60

    Telemedia Magazine Issue 60 - front cover
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    Issue 60 features include:

    2021: the year of total telemedia
    2021 is poised to be a boom year for telemedia services. Before we delve into it, we take a look at how 2020 reshaped mobile commerce and what 2021 has in store for digital.

    Conversational commerce: joining it all together
    The term conversational commerce is going to be used a lot in 2021 – but really what it means is bring together all the services that telemedia players offer and pushing them out to a raft of new corporate users as services rather than hardware. We take a look at what the means in practice, how it is reshaping the industry and what opportunities it offers – and what some of the hurdles might be.

    DCB: here to stay
    DCB has become mainstream thanks to more users using digital services and the creation of new services. It is also going to be one of the underpinning payment tools for conversational commerce and platform services. Can it ever be more than just a micropayment tool and will we see it used for physical goods?

    Payments disruptors ahoy!
    Payments tech has had a huge boost in 2020 and 2021 looks like more of the same. But what is coming down the pipe and how may it rock the status quo?

    Messaging is the medium
    The message is the medium is an old saying from the early days of digital, but increasingly messaging is becoming a cornerstone of engagement, which is becoming itself a sales channel. We take a look at how messaging tech – from SMS to OTT and beyond – is shaping up and how the industry is adapting.

    RCS: is 2021 its year?
    RCS is on the verge of take-off, but what are the opportunities and what are the hurdles – and how can the industry truly leverage the technology?

    Personalisation: is it still needed?
    Personalisation has always been the Holy Grail of marketing – but at best it is a bit hit and miss. In the era of conversational commerce, is it still what businesses should be pursuing, wonders Rodney Laws?

    Games are becoming the new place for advertising: everything is either being gamified or users are playing games. This has shaken up where the marketing message goes. So how does this fit with conversational commerce? Will ads in games become shoppable conversations? How does that change gaming, messaging and payments?

    Media is now something to be subscribed to, rather than owned. What does that mean for messaging, marketing, payments and more – and how is it going to change in 2021?

    The LatAm market has seen some huge shifts in mobile use and is one of the places to look to if you want to know where digital is heading. Here DOCOMO outlines how the market has changed and what the opportunities are.

    Education tech is taking off with lockdowns driving not only school children into virual learning but also many furloughed adults to start learning new things. So what are the opportunities?

    Health & Wellbeing apps and services have also seen a boost in 2020 thanks to the pandemic and the lockdown. Here we take a look at how the market has shaped up, where it is going in 2021 and how telemedia can join in.

    All the latest news, views and opinions from across the VAS value chain.

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