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Telemedia Magazine – Issue 61


Telemedia Magazine Issue 61
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Issue 61 features include:

Conversational commerce puts telemedia at the heart of ecommerce
The increasing use of telemedia to create conversational commerce puts it at the heart of the massive ecommerce market. We take a look at how that is going to work.

How 5G and voice play into CPaaS
Juniper Research takes a look at how voice and 5G are also becoming key drivers of the CPaaS model.

Alt payments: evolution or revolution?
Digital payments have been transformed in the past five years and lockdown has pushed them even further. One of the main beneficiaries has been e-wallets. DOCOMO takes a look at where this part of the billing landscape is heading.

How fraudsters make money
Evina investigates how fraudsters are making money in new ways and how to deal with the threats they pose.

DCB fraud: the time to tackle it is now
Building on the Empello research we wrote about in the last issue, we take a look at how to tackle DCB and VAS fraud going forward.

DCB ad fraud
Optiks takes a look at how DCB ad fraud is on the rise and what can be done about it.

RCS gets UK boost from Oxfam, mGage & BT
A look at how RCS is finding some practical uses in the UK and what the rest of the world can learn from the experience

Why value-based attribution is shaking up the affiliate industry
Taking a look at why value-based attribution is shaking up the affiliate industry, and will be one of the key trends in the industry in 2021 – with a case study featuring Ted Baker

Connecting with consumers in challenging times
It has been a tumultuous year with political, environmental and social conflicts, as well as industry challenges, aplenty – and it has been a particular challenge for brands and businesses seeking to connect with consumers. Heather Dansie takes a look at what challenges that throws up for brand and business marketing

The virtual world becomes a commercial reality
How the explosion in online entertainment is becoming a boon for AR and VR services – so how can these be monetised?

Digital services act
This new piece of EU legislation – that will impact anyone who has a website accessed from Europe – aims to protect users. But what is it and why is it important?

Mobile gaming: apps’ killer app?
Games dominate the mobile app business, with consumers spending $100bn of the total $143bn on apps in 2020 on games. In other words, for every dollar spent on iOS and Google Play, games took 70 cents. So what does that mean for telmedia?

The new world of blended learning
EdTech is becoming a vital part of the technology mix and how it is delivered and how it works with existing education methods is going to be key to its success. Hartmut Kulessa takes a look at how universities need to embrace technology to meet the new needs of students.


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