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    Telemedia Magazine – Issue 62

    Telemedia Magazine Issue 62
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    Issue 62 features include:

    Conversational commerce
    The role of CC has evolved over the past few months and if anything it has become even more central to businesses. Here we take a look at how its growth is predicted to be even greater– but are some big players like Zoom going to change how it is perceived?

    Video: the next part of the conversation?
    Video is set to play an even bigger role in interaction and sales. So how is that going to work and what does it mean for telemedia?

    Meeting the challenges online merchants face
    For businesses looking to get up and running with an all-encompassing solution to foster better consumer interaction, what could be better than getting it all in one box? Here we find out how that works.

    RCS and its role in preventing Covid misinformation
    We talk to Out There Media and the World Health Organisation as to how RCS has played a crucial role in stopping the spread of Covid misinformation.

    Billing and payment trends post-pandemic
    With consumer-brand interaction changing, how is billing keeping pace? We hear from some leading providers as to the trends in billing and payment sweeping the sector.

    Green telecoms
    Telcos need to be more environmentally friend to save the planet, but also to meet the demands of their customers. Here we look at how sustainability has become a key battle ground for MNOs and others.

    Marketing fluidity
    Consumer habits have changed dramatically over the past 18 months, driving up digital consumption to unprecedented new levels. And with that has come the need to change how media and marketing work.

    GDPR three years on
    Three years on from its introduction, what has been the impact on telemedia businesses and the wider market? We find out.

    IPRN: how has the world changed?
    Much has changed in the past 18 months with more comms, more tech and more digital entering people’s homes worldwide. So what has that meant for IPRN? We ask the experts.

    Wholesale voice carrier market trends
    Thanks to the growing indispensability of smartphones worldwide, the global wholesale voice carrier industry outlook is expected to benefit from the massive voice over internet protocol (VoIP) demand. How will that reshape the industry?

    mVAS: success in the age of ‘self media’
    What does the ‘self-media’ age mean for the mVAS industry? We hear from the experts, who take a look at the emerging trends and regional hotspots.

    Fraud: Keying into cyber crimeK
    With more digital content and service use comes more fraud. What are the key things to look out for and how can the industry fight back?

    Mobility as a service/transport MaaS stuff
    Mobility as a service has exploded over the past two years and is set to continue to grow. Here we look at the economics of it, what it means for the industry and some of the key services that are rolling out.

    How the UK is looking to reshape competitions and subscriptions
    The Dept for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy are consulting on their new consultation entitled “Reforming Competition and Consumer Policy“.  What does that mean for competitions, subscriptions and other services going forward?

    Telecoms for the disabled
    There are many people who are officially disabled – blind, partially sighted and physically impaired – but they are often overlooked by the telecoms and digital boom. Here emporia Telecoms takes a look at the missed opportunity that could provide and how to tap into it.


    GG Networks – Viewpoint interview #62

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