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Telemedia Magazine – Issue 67


Telemedia Magazine Issue 66
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Issue 67 features include:

Messaging & Engagement Special

With messaging hot on the telemedia agenda, we join forces with MoreThan160.com to look at the key themes from its recent SMS Forum at World Telemedia Marbella

The ‘messageverse’ – how messaging, led by SMS, is changing the world
What Omni-channel messaging can deliver
What the key trends and hot news in messaging is
How it all fits together in CPaaS
We also hear from HORISEN and BSG.

Open banking: a revolution in telemedia payments?
Open Banking allows a raft of new ways to pay, most notably direct bank transfers. We look at how it works and whether it may actually be a DCB-killer in some markets.

Banking as a service
Alongside open banking we take a look at how it is also creating a raft of Banking as a service providers, who are also starting to do some interesting things in payments

Payment fraud
As more people choose to pay – be it with DCB or other payment tools – so the risk of fraud and cyber-crime rises. We take a ride along with the Payment Fraud Cops from Evina to uncover what they are doing to make the world a safer place to pay

World cup and metaverse
The World Cup kicks off on 20 November and its set to be the most digital one yet. We look at how football is getting into the metaverse and what other digital delights are waiting for soccer fans

Smart sportswear
With sport getting more digital we take a look at the rise of smart sportswear and where it overlaps with digital interactivity and even esports

Social media marketing trends
Social media is becoming the place for marketing and marketing related messaging. We look at what some of the key trends in social media marketing are going to be in 2023 and how that may impact messaging as we know it

Loyalty as a service
Customer acquisition and retention in VAS is becoming ever more cut-throat. In such a competitive market, just how do you get consumers to sign up to your service – and how do you make them stay? The answer lies in loyalty… and we show you how to deliver it

Flash calling
Flash calling has slowly become an interesting alternative to OTP SMS messages. But just where is it going, and will it kill off this lucrative SMS market?

5G service revenues
5G is going to underpin the next wave of technological development in telemedia VAS, but how is it making money today and what does that mean for its roll out in the years ahead?


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