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Telemedia Magazine – Issue 70


Telemedia Magazine Issue 70
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Issue 70 features include:

The rise and rise of carrier billing
DCB has seen a surge in use thanks to the proliferation of gaming and entertainment services worldwide – so what does this mean for telcos, service providers and the rest of the telemedia world? Drawing on data from Analysis Mason and Juniper research, we get the inside track on where its heading in 2023 and beyond.

Super bundling saves the day
Drilling into how carrier billing is making significant inroads into the mainstream entertainment market, we look at how DCB is key to driving more media use while giving MNOs a whole new revenue stream.

While attention is drawn to DCB, international premium rate numbers (IPRN) continue to evolve, develop and do great business. We take a look at how the market is changing, where it is going and how it is overcoming some of the challenges it faces.
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5G: the keys to the world
5G is now becoming entrenched in use worldwide and is starting to deliver some new services and business models. We explore how it is set to revolutionise content delivery, voice and beyond.

How 5G, AI and superbundling will build the metaverse
Bringing together three key themes in the telemedia world is what will underpin the real evolution of the metaverse.

The state of messaging
The latest market overview of messaging trends and what it means for the sector

The rise of business messaging
Business messaging is growing on a global scale, with an increasing number of enterprises using SMS and OTT messaging apps like WhatsApp, Viber and Facebook Messenger to communicate with customers. We take a look at how to make the most from this booming A2P messaging market

How to choose the right messaging platform
With more businesses looking to deploy an array of messaging to allow consumers to contact them how they wish, choosing the right platform to run it all can be a challenge. Here’s how to make that choice easier.

SMS under threat: Artificial Inflation of trafficWith more organisations now adopting A2P SMS, the profit potential of artificial inflation of traffic (AIT) is growing wider and increasingly attractive to fraudsters. We explore how to stop it

RCS comes to town
With UK supermarket now deploying RCS, we explore how it was the natural choice for the company and how tech partner Infobip makes it happen – and where it is taking the messaging tech next

CPaaS drives the ecommerce revolution
CPaaS has taken over as the way for businesses to deploy comms tech to delight consumers – and it has created workable conversational commerce and now drives ecommerce worldwide. Here’s what it means for telemedia

Securing CPaaS in the AI age
While AI-driven CPaaS offers tremendous potential, it also introduces new layers of complexity and security challenges. Ensuring data privacy and maintaining the integrity of AI models are critical concerns that cannot be ignored. We take a look at how to make it secure.

Beating DCB fraud worldwide
As DCB becomes more prevalent and successful, so it attracts more fraud and introduces new cybersecurity threats. We take a look at the countries where there is a big DCB fraud problem thanks to high malware activity – and where the best opportunities are to beat that.

CASE STUDY Putting the fraudsters in their place
We explore how one telemedia player beat the fraudsters and delivered stellar growth.
MCP antifraud case study

Conversational AI for marketing
AI is driving conversations between customers and businesses – so how will it change how businesses sell to those customers? We take a look at what opportunities this opens up for telemedia companies

Content trends for content people
Content is the lifeblood of VAS and the key to driving traffic – so what are the latest content trends around the world and how can you tap into them?

Content: king of VAS?
As the content boom continues post-pandemic, what content is working where and how is DCB and telemedia VAS offerings helping spread the content word

Power play: six sports media trends
We take a look at the six trends shaping sports media and broadcasting and what they mean for the sector


Global news: the latest trends from around the world

…Naji Bou Harb, Chariman and CEO, Mobimind & Lilly Xenou, Founder, MobivasLeon Dijksman, COO, Sam Media


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