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    Telemedia Magazine – Issue 71

    Issue 71 features include:

    DCB in Europe sees surge in interest as it gains an identity and better pay-outs
    Carrier billing (DCB) goes from strength to strength worldwide, with better pay-outs in many regions, an ability to buy more things and, in Germany at least, getting its own brand name. This once forgotten payment tool is now exploding.
    We look at:
    • Carrier billing’s renaissance in Europe
    • How DCB continues to dominate in developing markets
    • Where digital wallets fit it
    • How DCB and messaging could herald the birth of super-apps

    PSD3: What do you need to be prepared for?
    With a draft of third EU Payments Service Directive (PSD3) poised to be unveiled in 2024, what can we expect and what could it mean for carrier billing and other payment mechanism – and what does that mean for Brexit Britain?

    Engagement party
    Combining the convenience of DCB with interaction services is a powerful draw for media companies, charities and other businesses. And, as Paul Skeldon reports, that has prompted the launch of a very special telemedia player – welcome Viveri!

    Licensed to thrill
    As a mark of just how far DCB has come in Germany, one company – InternetQ – has been granted a payment institution licence that will allow it to charge for physical goods – and change the whole relationship between MNOs and PSPs. Is this the model for a new era of DCB in Europe?

    SMS: King or knave?
    SMS dominates the messaging world: it is ubiquitous, convenient and cheap. But it does face challenges, not least fraud, which are holding it back from its true potential.

    OTT starts to pay its way
    OTT messaging may not have the reach of SMS – yet – but it is starting to attract users. We take a look at how it works in practice and finds out how Tata AIA Life Insurance has put it to use – and hear from Tata AIA Life Insurance just how it works for a real business

    Sticky and sweet
    VAS content is the life blood of the telemedia market and it has become a fiercely competitive business. Here we take a look at how the trend for sticky content is helping find its sweet spot, how that involves a growing amount of UDC and where the metaverse fits in

    eSports: Playing to win?
    One of the stand-out content verticals that is garnering massive attention – from consumers as well as from the telemedia sector – is gaming, especially esports. What does that mean for VAS and DCB – and why is Netflix perhaps going to be an unlikely winner?

    The content king of MENA
    The MENA region is booming with sports and gaming content, but as Paul Skeldon finds out, success in this booming market comes with caveats

    Harnessing the power of the CDN
    Sebastian Spies takes a look at how more and more businesses are looking to run their own content delivery networks (CDNs) and what that means for telemedia

    Safe and sound? Digesting the UK’s Online Safety Act and Europe’s DSA
    Given Royal ascent last month, the UK has enacted its Online Safety Act 2023 and, while its intentions are good, it is likely to have both positive and negative impact. David Ashman takes a look at what it might mean for the telemedia market worldwide

    The good, the bad and the ugly: How the industry is fighting DCB fraud
    As DCB has soared in popularity, so too has payment fraud. We take a look at how this has been combatted and where else in the world it is starting to bite

    New wave: How fraud moved on
    As the industry has taken strides in beating DCB fraud, so the fraudsters have upped their game. We assess the next generation of telemedia fraud – and what can be done about it

    Meet the people…
    … Rohit Maheshwari, Head of Strategy and Products, Subex

    Geraldine O'Sullivan
    Geraldine O'Sullivan
    Championing Mobile Billing & Engagement Solutions That Monetise Content, Drive In App Billing & Increase On-Boarding For mVAS
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