Friday, April 19, 2024
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    Telemedia Magazine – Issue 72

    Issue 72 features include:

    AI drives performance marketing
    The rise and rise of AI in everything is having a profound impact on telemedia – here we take a look at how AI now glues all facets of telemedia together and delivers a $32trn boost

    RCS get Apple boost
    With a draft of third EU Payments Service Directive (PSD3) poised to be unveiled in 2024, what can we expect and what could it mean for carrier billing and other payment mechanism – and what does that mean for Brexit Britain?

    A2A payments take off
    Application-to-application or account-to-account (A2A) payments are growing in popularity globally, with services springing up in a variety of markets, propelled by the ease with which they allow consumers to pay for things.

    The changing face of A2P payments
    There has been a lot of change in the world of payments and fintech over the past few years – much of it driven by PSD2 and Open Banking – but experts are predicting more to come in 2024.

    Bridging the streaming gap
    Julia Dimambro, CEO of Seriously Fresh Media, takes a look at how targeted content, good data and niche markets can create a power content offering – even in the age of Netflix and the rest of the ‘Big 5’

    The state of mobile
    The real world is in turmoil, but the mobile ecosystem is in fine fettle. Paul Skeldon takes a look the latest data from to assess the high points from 2023 and what mobile marketing, gaming, commerce and AI have in store in 2024

    Shifting marketing’s gears
    Upstream CMO, Chrysa Karamanidi, and Head of Product & Growth, Katerina Matthaiou, highlight the importance of deploying omnichannel marketing strategies and why MarTech can accelerate their adoption

    GDPR at 5: is it winning?
    On the fifth anniversary of the introduction of GDPR, Alasdair Anderson, VP EMEA, Protegrity, discusses how it could yet be the game-changer needed in creating proper privacy and data laws

    How MENA broke the bank
    The MENA region continues to go from strength to strength, with markets becoming ever-more lucrative and fraud falling. Paul Skeldon takes a look

    AI and cyber crime
    Thanks to AI, cyber criminals can now operate at an almost industrial scale – but AI also holds one of the keys to stopping it. Paul Skeldon takes a look at the wider world of fraud and what can be done to tackle it

    5G: a mobile life
    5G is finally starting to be widely used and over the next three pages Paul Skeldon looks at where it’s at today and what it might be offering tomorrow – starting with some of today’s key developments.

    5G advanced
    The first tranche of 5G networks have been rolled out around the world – but that is just the start. Part of 5G’s charm is that it is designed to continuously evolve and the next step – 5G Advanced – is here, but is it the bridge to 6G, wonders Paul Skeldon?

    5G RedCap
    With the MNOs market naturally limited by the total number of smartphones it can connect – which is limited by the number of people on the planet – the industry has concocted a cunning plan: RedCap. Paul Skeldon explains


    • Rafal Nowak, Director Business Messaging, HORISEN
    • Ashraf Shrouf, Managing Partner, 3Anet
    • Rabih Jreish, Business Development Manager, Mobile Arts
    • Marco Priewe, Managing Director, InternetQ
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