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    Telemedia Magazine – Issue 73

    Issue 73 features include:

    State of the industry: global compliance falls to 88% as banner ad rules change and X removes moderation
    Compliance across carrier billing-based ads fell from 93% in 2022 to 88% in 2023, with analysis of some 5 million digital journeys and 500,000 VAS tests worldwide finding around 65,000 issues.

    The untapped goldmine: commerce media offers MNOs a billion dollar payday
    Mobile network operators (MNOs) are no longer just connectivity providers – they are set to become media companies. Sitting on a treasure trove of data – user behaviour, location and preferences – they are stand at the doors to a goldmine: commerce media, and $820bn opportunity if analysts are to be believed.

    Content: time to mix it up and start again?
    A look at the most popular streaming services in the UK in 2023 reveals an interesting development in what consumers want. Paul Skeldon takes a look at how the content market needs to be about more than just, well, content – and how that is driving mVAS explosive growth

    Your AI toolbox for subscriber acquisition and retention in 2024
    Julia Dimambro, CEO, Seriously Fresh Media offers a look at the tools you need to create content that is great for subscriber acquisition and retention using AI – and how there is still very much a need for the human touch

    That’s edutainment!
    Paul Skeldon takes a look at how edutainment has become the latest content craze, blending learning with fun and games, and just how that engagement can be monetised

    Why is integrating security in SMS trading essential?
    A messaging platform should stand as a bastion of security, with an all-encompassing suite of security operations crucial for the preservation and protection of valuable data. Here Horisen explains what that means in practice

    Getting the message: How consumers are changing how they use messaging
    Messaging have slowly morphed into a powerful business comms channel – but what do consumers think about it and how are they using it? We take a look at the latest MEF survey data from around the world

    A quantum of SMS solace
    Quantum computing offers much to the world, but it may be the hackers that get the first use out of it… and messaging could be their target. Paul Skeldon takes a look at how secure messaging apps might be to quantum hackers – and finds them wanting

    Invalid traffic: How AI bots are eating advertising
    Digital transformation and AI have worked wonders in the ad market, but they have also seen a massive rise in invalid traffic – traffic from bots that skews ad stats and costs advertisers and publishers dear. Paul Skeldon reports

    The silent siege: Robocalling fraud and how the fight back begins
    Blame AI, but while it brings many wonderful things, it also brings a surge in fraud. The latest, Paul Skeldon discovers, is robocalling fraud – however, the fightback has begun

    US, UK and EU all make moves to regulate AI: What does it mean for telemedia?
    The UK and US have signed a memorandum of understanding to look at the regulation of AI, hot on the heels of the EU’s AI Act being ratified in March as the world starts to take seriously the regulation of this new technology. But what are the ramifications for the telemedia industry, asks Paul Skeldon?

    AI regulation: getting media’s voice heard
    Media and entertainment industries must fight for the right to be heard in AI policy discussions, urges Tim Levy, CEO and founder of Twyn as regulation starts to arrive

    The opportunities of the telecoms cloud market revealed
    Sham Ambhore, part of the media team at Research Nester takes a look at the growing telecom cloud market and wonders how AI, ML and 5G combine to create new services and new opportunities

    Why operators are turning to enterprise contract assurance
    As telcos are forced to collaborate with digital wallets, ecommerce can content partners, so they have to maintain strong contract assurance. And I bet you never knew that AI has a key role to play here? Ashwin Menon, product head, business assurance at Subex explains

    Goodbye 5G?
    How 6G will be the true game-changer for connectivity
    The world may still be in the throes of rolling out 5G networks, but the debate is starting to move on to what 6G might look like and what it might deliver: and it could be quite a leap forward

    Meet the people… Christian Mouawad, Commercial Director, MT2

    Geraldine O'Sullivan
    Geraldine O'Sullivan
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