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    TELEMEDIA VIEWPOINT AWE 19 William Hill explains the attraction of affiliate marketing

    Eoin Findlay, head of affiliates at William Hill International, explores the risks and rewards of using affiliate marketing as part of its growing digital marketing mix at AWE19 in Barcelona

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    William Hill is right to target mobile gambling. The mobile gaming market is seeing good growth from 2005, and this has been created by the numbers that grew over the years.

    The mobile players are younger than the B&M players. Mobile gaming is attracting players who are younger than the traditional land-based casinos’ players. Online casinos help introduce new players to the casino market. Only about 10% of online players come from the B&M casinos, while the 90% are new to the gaming brand.

    One of the beliefs is that phone players will become live casino players. There are sites that are educating new, younger, casino players to visit a land-based casino too.

    Millennials are attracted to online gaming with William Hill and others because of the obvious shift in technology. Also, we can see that B&M players who sign up online are more likely to come back to the B&M casino, which increases their value.

    This is consistent with other industries as well, in the sense that the more touch points a costumer has with one brand, the more likely it is that will they spend more time with the same brand.

    The same trends happen in Europe, when it comes to mobile and desktop gaming. A customer who uses both devices is more valued than the single platform user. By adding the third platform, the land-based casino, increases their customers value. It is believed that giving players a loyalty programme of a B&M casino, will make them more likely to want to stay online as well.

    Geraldine O'Sullivan
    Geraldine O'Sullivan
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