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TELEMEDIA VIEWPOINT The dating market: new opportunities for growth


Prelinker‘s CEO, Mauricio Botero, discusses how the dating market is growing, but is fiercely competitive. Here is how to make it work.

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The dating market is, however, changing. As we have seen, value added services such as dating are being given a boost by affiliate marketing, and dating is one of the big VAS growth areas: but success is hard, not least because it is an ever-evolving market, says Prelinker’s CEO, Mauricio Botero.

“It’s a growing sector,” he says. “People are growing up with the web from day zero: they are born with an Instagram account. But this makes it an extremely competitive market and a global market. But it is a very level playing field and so everyone copies everyone else. Your product life cycle is very short. You have to offer a great product and a great experience. They experience great products all over the web and mobile and they want the same when dating.”

This means dating service providers need to be very agile and keep on moving. “We have to be really creative with the features we use and we have to make it entertaining – dating can be like a second job so it needs to be fun and completing,” says Botero. “If you can create an active community with fun features that works then you can differentiate yourself. But it isn’t easy and its getting more complex.”



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