Friday, April 19, 2024
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    Telemedia8.1 launches

    World Telemedia will be back in Marbella 18-21 May 2021, but until then things aren’t standing still – welcome to Telemedia8.1.

    With lockdown and the pandemic making it difficult to stage any live events, the telemedia team has worked out how to bring the same levels of interaction and knowledge sharing to our community – but online and, in the process, they may just have reinvented the whole physical/digital show model.

    Telemedia8.1 is a digital initiative aimed at delivering quality thought-leadership and knowledge content to the entire telemedia/mCommerce audience in the absence of face to face opportunities. But it goes much further than that; Telemedia8.1 gets over the one thing that many event organisers have simply overlooked – timing is everything.

    Instead of live broadcasting conference content, Telemedia8.1 is creating a library of on-demand content across October, November and December – putting it up daily and letting the audience tap in whenever they want to.

    Moreover, the content library will continue to grow. Why stop it in December? In fact, why stop at all?

    The Telemedia8.1 resource will be a permanent fixture and looks set to become the go to place for content around the markets that tele-media serve.

    It will also be an integral part of future live Telemedia shows, becoming the ultimate interactive show guide that complements and actually contributes to the effectiveness of time spent at live events.

    The exhibitor, attendee and speakers lists are all searchable through a set of filters, so that anyone looking to find anyone who’s anyone in a particular field can do so easily and instantly connect, discuss, learn and do business.

    What a great idea, right?

    And it has kicked off this week and we will continue to update you on the excellent content already going up and all the juicy stuff still to come.

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