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    The 5 biggest reasons why mobile casino traffic is on the rise

    The online casino market is enjoying consistent annual growth and is projected to continue expanding over the next half-decade and beyond.

    More users are choosing to play online casino games from their mobile devices than ever before, but what are the reasons behind this rise? Here are just five factors that are catalysing the shift to portable play.


    While the dawn of the 5G age is upon us, the widespread rollout of 4G in recent years has helped to provide unparalleled access to high speed connectivity across the most populated parts of the country.

    In turn this has meant that smartphone owners can use their devices to do a lot more while they are out and about, corresponding to increases in everything from mobile shopping and video streaming to online gaming.

    Because people can enjoy a fast, consistent experience when visiting casino sites on their handheld gadgets, they have less need to rely on desktop computers with fixed line connections, hence the bump in mobile traffic.


    While smartphone sales have hit a plateau, this means that ownership rates are at saturation point and so most people have a device capable of running the latest mobile casino experiences in their pockets.

    Indeed mobiles are now dominant in terms of market share, outdoing traditional PCs and laptops, as well as tablets. They are also far more accessible than larger devices because of their portability, meaning people can pull out their handsets to enjoy a quick session of online casino action whether they are sat on the sofa at home, huddled on public transport while commuting, or waiting in a cafe to meet a friend.

    No other platform represents a more convenient way to play than a smartphone, so naturally the rise in mobile casino traffic is partly influenced by this.


    Online casino experiences have evolved significantly thanks to both improvements in the underlying technologies and the enhancements in hardware capabilities that are available on the devices that run them.

    From the aesthetics to the audio effects and the special bonus features and built- in mini-games, the quality on show today is light years ahead of what was available in the early days of web-based play. Indeed in most cases the quality of online games is equivalent to those digital machines available at land-based casinos, with many of the same titles being made available.


    Mobile casinos can deliver a wealth of different gaming experiences to players, ranging from eye-catching slot machines to table games like poker and blackjack which are played against other users from around the world in real time.

    There is also a growing demand for live table games, hosted by real croupiers who have their actions streamed to players and can help to recreate a more genuine casino atmosphere in almost any location.

    There are literally thousands of different online casino games which can be played via mobile, meaning that every taste is catered to.


    The shift away from Flash-based games to those coded in HTML5 has helped to overcome some of the barriers to mobile play which used to be prevalent.

    Because casino sites run smoothly in modern mobile browsers, this also means that they are able to work consistently regardless of the software ecosystem that specific users are tied to. Android and iOS devices alike can be expected to make the most of these games, with no need to download a separate app, even though casino apps are of course popular as well.

    In short, mobile casino traffic is perfectly positioned to keep growing for the foreseeable future, if current trends continue.


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