Sunday, May 19, 2024

    The future of in-app purchases with DCBprotect

    In-app transactions have never been popular, as the use of mobile apps grows worldwide in all segments, from gaming to shopping to education. Between 2019 and 2027, the global in-app purchase market size is expected to grow by +346%, according to Allied Market Research, reaching a value of $341 billion by 2027.

    And direct carrier billing remains one of the most convenient ways for users to purchase products or subscribe to services within apps. However, this practicality is jeopardised by cybercriminals attempting to generate fraudulent clicks in-app to defraud users and merchants.

    To meet this challenge, Evina worked with forward-thinking merchant Mobile Arts to implement DCBprotect for its in-app transactions. This optimised version of DCBprotect for in-app payments has made it possible to fully secure in-app flows while preserving their high conversion rates and a smooth purchasing experience by not resorting to WebView redirects that usually slow down the payment process.

    Mobile Arts, with its Mobibox platform for mobile content merchants worldwide, can now guarantee the same exceptional security standards of DCBprotect – fraud blocking in less than 100 ms, the lowest false-positive rate at 0,06% and high detection at 99.94% – all within the app and with a frictionless user experience.

    The DCBprotect native in-app version protects and restores the strength of in-app purchases while combating new threats to this high-converting technology. This seemingly minor in-app adaption has allowed Mobile Arts to improve its brand image and acquire 12 new partners thanks to the reinforced trust fostered by Evina.

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