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    The importance of mobile marketing in a digital world

    Digital Marketing is an ever-evolving industry with new technologies popping up every single day. One of the most relevant changes in the industry is the increasing adaptation rates from mobile devices.

    A quick look at Google Statistics clearly validates this statement. In 2018 alone, this rate escalated at a phenomenal rate, surpassing 83%. Even more crucial to point out is the significant rise in smartphone conversions, up by more than 70% in comparison to that of standard desktop conversions.

    And this is just referring to the e-commerce bracket alone. Other brackets show similar or even more striking numbers. Thus, it is a vital lifeline for any successful digital marketing plan to incorporate mobile marketing and mobile-friendly techniques.

    There are numerous reasons that justify this phenomenon. First and foremost, the increased usage of longevity on mobile devices. Studies carried out in the Western World USA in 2018, indicate that the average American citizen is spending between 10-12 hours daily on a mobile device.

    This concludes that the average user individual spends over 500 hours per year browsing online or talking on their mobile device. This information is a little golden nugget to any established marketer as it indicates that the mobile space is the ideally targeted for influencing audiences on a regular basis.

    Recent trends, within advertising, indicate that the industry is responding to this modern day digital behavior, as future estimations foresee that up to 60% of marketing budgets will be spent on developing apps and mobile advertisements heading into 2020.

    Moreover, along with a significant increase in usage of mobile devices, the sales and marketing trends for mobile devices have never been so transparent. Consumer services like Amazon, eBay, and many other well-known e-commerce platforms have seen massive increases in online purchases made directly from the users’ mobile device.

    Large retailers across the globe have recognized this sequence of trends and have followed suit, with the majority of large retails developing user-friendly portals and websites to cate to this demand. Predictions for the future tend to indicate that over 75% of e-commerce visits will originate from a mobile device.

    Experts in the industry believe that companies who integrate a mobile-specific campaign into their marketing plan that guides consumers with ease from product to sale will see a significant increase in revenue.

    “When we built our product, we knew that mobile deep data is one of the most important analytical features to have,” says Matthias Kirsch, Head of Product at Vene.io.

    New studies into the advantages of mobile marketing have proven to be a countermeasure to the overall brick and mortar downward spiral, at least to a certain degree. New techniques within the mobile orientated industry grant potential consumers the ability to compare while they walk through stores. Corporations, which have integrated mobile marketing campaigns, can take leverage with this. Search engine optimization, search engine advertising, and a user-friendly website can give businesses an edge over competitors, catching consumers in a timeframe where they have indicated interest in purchase.  Therefore, it is no secret that the large search engines and marketing companies are altering their algorithms and giving preferential treatment to companies utilizing mobile-friendly websites and mobile applications. More so, many of the leading e-commerce sites are improving their web presence and are distinctly adding new forms of automated marketing into their strategies.

    Direct marketing into the mobile space is being researched at a never before seen, in-depth level, and studies carried out by leading marketers show that direct SMS marketing messages have a 90% opening rate, and quite outstandingly, 90% of the 98% open the messages within the first 3 seconds of receiving it. This sanctifies the importance of mobile marketing as it provides concrete proof to any marketer that using direct mobile marketing with push messaging will lead to an additional level of online activity caused by the promoted message. This means that both the message and banner based marketing on mobile needs to be persuasive enough to entice the potential consumer to convert.

    “When planning our marketing, strategy we know that mobile marketing has a fundamental role to play,” adds Sofia Alves, Product Marketing Manager at vene.io.

    The mobile sector is evolving at an unparalleled rate with the technologies behind the engineering of smartphones and tablets getting stronger, smaller, lighter and most importantly, cheaper. This categorizes mobile devices as the most popular form of communication interaction across all known demographics. This rapid scaling of the mobile world and its accessibility to online consumers offer marketers the perfect platform to spread their message and raise brand awareness.

    It is no accident that the affiliate marketing industry remains a booming business and with it comes the necessity to develop checks and balances for mobile marketing. Strong analytical and fraud protection software is a necessity when using this type of marketing. The competitive landscape of companies currently dedicated to this topic shows both the already established and near future growth potential of such a recent, innovative and dynamic industry.

    Marketing in the digital world is now the number one way to effectively reach an engaged consumer base. The strong move towards mobile will only grow and grow and the importance of having a mobile strategy implemented into your digital marketing plan will be the difference between success and failure in the online world.

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