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    The role mobile will play at Christmas

    Christmas is coming, mobile should be getting fat… Martin Bolsover, Director, Enterprise Solutions Sales, mGage, explains where this year’s Yuletide opportunities lie for mobile

    With Christmas feeling like a lifetime away for many consumers, the opposite is true for marketers for whom the Christmas season began a long time ago. It is therefore not surprising that the speculation around which marketing communication channel(s) will be the most fruitful source of revenue for retailers is well underway.

    It seems that consumers are browsing retailers’ websites on mobile devices more than ever before. According to figures from IMRG, traffic to retail websites on mobile has exceeded the traffic generated from a PC for the first time, with 52% of traffic coming from mobile devices. This suggests that consumers are embracing the ability to ‘shop on-the-go’.

    Indeed if the popularity of collecting goods at underground stations is anything to go by (according to an article in the London Evening Standard), it seems that shopping on-the-go provides the answer to time poor shoppers. Consumers have a need for convenience on a daily basis, let alone at Christmas time.

    With so many gifts to be bought, the ability to pick goods up at a convenient time and place saves customers from the stress of having to set time aside to go Christmas shopping.

    Yet when speculating as to the shopping behaviours that will characterise the festive period, the question must be asked though whether you can really look to day to day shopping habits, over the first 11 months of the year, to determine such behaviours at Christmas? Whilst they may give an indication, Christmas is very much an anomaly in the calendar and shopping habits may stray dramatically from the norm over this period.

    To explore this a little further, it is worth looking briefly at two of the main types of shoppers who will emerge over this season.

    Firstly, there will be those for whom Christmas is their favourite time of year. These shoppers will go out of their way to shop in-store for the atmosphere and experience, irrespective of their usual shopping habits and the convenience and time available.

    The second type of shopper will be those who carry out as much of their shopping as possible online (be it on mobile or desktop) and do everything in their power to stay out of the store. This may be because time is their main consideration or it may be because they can’t stand the crowds and queues in-store over this period. For both types of shopper, their usual shopping habits will not matter.

    Marketers must have a Christmas focussed mobile commerce, and mobile CRM strategy, in place to ensure that customers shopping on mobile will not receive a lesser customer experience compared to those shopping in-store. This will encourage repeat behaviour and prompt word of mouth recommendations.

    For those shoppers shopping in-store, marketers should communicate with them via mobile, by sending (personalised) location based offers and following up with them after they have made a purchase – be it to check they are happy with their purchase, or to offer a discount or promotion based on past shopping behaviours.

    Furthermore, to take advantage of the speculated high traffic to retailer’s websites, brands need to ensure that they can create value for their customers by proving a seamless online shopping experience. To do this, they must focus predominantly on two key areas: time taken to load the website during high traffic and offering secure and efficient payment options.

    For marketers, Christmas is the perfect time to encourage mobile payments, and even more so this year with the timely release of the iPhone 6. With some consumers having just received the new iPhone and others due to receive it as a Christmas present, shoppers will no doubt be trying out Apple Pay to purchase gifts or sale items.

    Direct billing is another form of mobile payment that marketers should not underestimate. A hassle-free way of purchasing small ticket items such as magazine subscriptions – a popular Christmas gift which will likely be paid for monthly, this is an ideal method of paying for things. The fact that the charge is simply added to customer’s phone bills means they don’t have to worry about entering payment details and is a transaction that can be completed on the move.

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