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    The Tech That Is Behind The Modern Gaming Experience

    Video games are constantly increasing in popularity, and that has become most evident with the release of the most recent next-generation consoles. The general public has been enamoured with the current state of gaming; however, very few gamers are aware of the technological leaps that have had to occur to make gaming on this level a possibility.

    While you may be familiar with online gaming or the latest big release, are you aware of how these things came to be? Here is the technology that is behind the modern gaming experience.

    HTML 5

    As you are probably aware, not all gaming takes place on the TV screen in modern times. Nowadays, a lot of people choose to play games on their smartphones or on the internet at an online casino. The previous versions of these games used to run on an operating system called Adobe Flash; however, this system became outdated fairly quickly. Newer games would run slowly and struggled to run both Audio and Visual information at the same time.

    That is why HTML5 was introduced as an updated version of this technology. As a result, most mobile games, and online slots like those found at Online Casino Review now run on the HTML 5 operating system. To find the best online slot sites to suit your needs, you should look at casino reviews, so you know what to look out for.

    HD Pictures

    High definition has been a staple in the world of TV since the late 2000s. Unfortunately, this tech wasn’t included as a part of game development until almost a decade later. Of course, video games on consoles look perfectly fine on an HD screen; however, HD capabilities need to be built into the gaming system so that games can run more smoothly. This way, video games can run at 720p or 1080p to provide the player with better graphics in a game that is less likely to lag. These performance improvements are also beneficial to video game streamers.

    Motion Sensors

    The last generation of gaming saw the first implementation of motion-controlled gameplay. Although, most players would agree that these attempts weren’t very good. Systems like the Nintendo Wii and the Xbox Kinect weren’t accurate enough to give the player a great video game experience. However, that seems to be changing with the latest generation.

    Motion Sensor gaming aims to allow the player to interact with objects on the screen using motion controls. As such, developers can blend real life with that of the gaming world to create a new experience.

    The new Nintendo Switch uses passive infrared controls to allow the player to control what is on screen. This type of control is less likely to be interrupted and gives the player more accuracy when playing. When it comes to mobile phone gaming, a lot of developers are choosing to use Augmented Reality technology that pastes video game footage over real-world images using the phone’s camera. Again, this AR tech is only made possible by the HTML 5 operating system mentioned earlier.

    Artificial Intelligence

    AI has been a huge part of gaming since its inception. In recent years, the world has seen huge advances in AI systems. This technology now has great predictive and learning capabilities.

    AI is important in video games as it can improve the overall experience of the game. Smart AI can make NPCs hard to predict, which can increase the difficulty of the game or make it more random to increase the number of ways you can play the game.

    Cloud Gaming In 5G

    While HD technology can improve gaming speeds on home consoles, online gamers need to rely on the cloud to have a cohesive experience. Playing with others is a big part of the online gaming experience, after all. All gamers in an online lobby rely on the speed of the cloud for a game to run smoothly. Any hiccups in the cloud could slow down certain players and put them at a disadvantage in the online competitive scene. All it takes is one player to encounter issues for everyone in the same game lobby to experience problems.

    As internet speeds improve, so too does the cloud and online gaming as a whole. With 5G internet speeds, players can now enjoy a faster gaming experience when playing online. With graphics rendering much faster, you can play and interact with other players in a much better way than before. These capabilities are only going to improve from here as cloud technology improves.


    As you can see, there is a lot of technology behind the current gaming generation. This tech is only available because of the vast improvements that have been made in recent years. Only time will tell what the future of gaming looks like, but you can probably take a guess based on the information above.

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