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    These are the mobile games that everyone is playing in 2020

    To say it has been an unusual start to 2020 would be the understatement of the millennium. Lifestyles have seen enforced changes that are unprecedented, but one theme that has been a constant is that we are more grateful for and reliant on our mobile tech than ever before.

    Yes, it’s great for checking in on faraway loved ones or taking care of some urgent banking without leaving the house. But just as importantly, the surge in popularity of mobile gaming reflects the importance of mobile tech in providing us with a source of escape from everyday worries. 

    If the various headlines over recent months are to be believed, gaming is replacing movies as the most important leisure pursuit of the new decade. At the same time, mobile is replacing console and PC as the primary gaming platform. Put those ingredients together, add the wider circumstances in the world, and the mobile gaming boom makes perfect sense. But just what is it that all these new devotees to the world of mobile gaming are playing?


    From almost the moment it appeared on the scene, debate raged over PUBG vs Fortnite. Each game has its pros and cons, the details of which we will not drill into here. But the moment PUBG arrived on mobile, its popularity shifted to another gear. The mobile game demands no compromises when compared with desktop. The maps and the gameplay are exactly the same regardless of platform. The sheer number of game modes is also hugely impressive. Little wonder that after trying it once, mobile gamers find themselves immersed in PUBG for the long haul.


    From a cutting-edge first-person shooter, we move to a card game that has been around for hundreds of years. Yet innovative mobile technology is also behind blackjack’s resurgent popularity. With the temporary closure of real-world casinos, live online games with real dealers are attracting enormous interest. Stiff levels of competition mean that the average online casino bonus on offer is also far more attractive than anything gamers are likely to find in a physical casino. 

    Stranger Things

    Combining one of the biggest TV phenomena of recent years with retro 16-bit style arcade action was always going to be a crowd-pleaser. But few could have predicted how this game would dominate the download charts. Undoubtedly, the 90s vibe appeals to those who unexpectedly find themselves at home with time to kill, as opposed to being busy in the office.

    Minecraft: Pocket Edition

    Some are using this time to explore games they’d heard lots about but never tried. Others are revisiting old favorites. Minecraft checks either box, and its latest mobile interpretation is just like the desktop classic. Play in either creative mode, where you have everything you could possibly need, or survival mode where you start from scratch with only your wits. The latter is the most challenging, but it’s also highly rewarding. If you’ve never tried Minecraft, there will never be a better time to do so.


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