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    Ticketing and micropayment standard ready for testing

    If you are looking to offer bus fares, ticketing, loyalty and/or micropayments, take note: Industry body, the Open Standard for Public Transport (OSPT) Alliance, has announced a new test suite and test plan for products conforming to its CIPURSE™, open standard, which offers an advanced foundation for developing applications such as automated fare collection (AFC), ticketing, loyalty and micro-payment.

    The new suite was developed by the OSPT Alliance Certification Working Group (CWG), which manages the certification process for CIPURSE. The CWG is chaired by Yann-Loïc Aubin, Senior Technical Expert in the Financial Services Institutions Business Unit at Oberthur Technologies, who was elected as Chair of the group in September 2015.

    The CWG has outlined a clear, simple and fair certification program, which offers service providers implementing AFC, ticketing, loyalty or micro-payment solutions confidence that the products they integrate into their solutions are compatible and interoperable with the wider ecosystems. The purpose of conformance testing, which forms a key part of the certification process, is to determine if the Device Under Test (DUT) conforms to the requirements of the CIPURSE Specification.

    The new test plan and test suite fulfil a number of key goals of OSPT Alliance:

    • To test UICCs independent of handsets, a key step for ensuring interoperability
    • To improve functional tests for contactless products
    • To ensure good coverage of universal multiple proximity system environment functionality (as defined in CIPURSE V2 revision 2) in the test suites
    • To cover errata in the current CIPURSE Specification
    • To test the behaviour of CIPURSE when logical channels are used.

    “The new test plan and suite has been the main focus of the CWG over the past few months,” comments Yann-Loïc Aubin, CWG Chair, OSPT Alliance. “The new plan and suite meet all our key intentions but being able to test UICCs independently is particularly important because it now means that to certify a mobile solution, vendors no longer have to test each handset independently. Instead they can simply send the UICC to the lab and be sure that once certified it can be used in any handset.”

    The new test plan and suite is now available at KEOLABS, an ISO/IEC 17025 v 2005 certified provider of tools and services for testing smart cards and secure components, which exclusively provides third-party conformance certification, as well as testing tools for in-house pre-certification.

    Since launching the new test plan, OSPT Alliance has certified the following products:

    • Infineon Technologies SLM 10TLC002L
    • Infineon Technologies SLS 32 TLC100(M)
    • Infineon Technologies SLS 32 TLC004S(M)
    • Oberthur Technologies cityGo, Ticket CIPURSE™L
    • ZeitControl cardsystems GmbH ZCPurse.

    The CWG’s priorities for the coming year are to be able to certify a broader range of products, to continually improve its processes and to emphasise its activities as a certification body. From February 2016 it will add a range of optional features, such as remote management functionality using a trusted service manager to update information on CIPURSE products, and testing functionality to cover the use of host card emulation with CIPURSE.

    “Our objective is to continually improve the certification process,” adds Yann- Loïc, “and to enhance our recognition as a professional certification body.”

    The test plan and the list of the CIPURSE Certified products are available to view on the OSPT Alliance website.

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