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    TikTok removed nearly 50 million videos due to minor safety in Q2 2022

    Video sharing platform TikTok has more than 1 billion users and is among the most popular social media. But, according to data presented by the Atlas VPN team, TikTok removed nearly 50 million videos due to minor safety in the second quarter of 2022. Notably, most of these videos were taken down due to nudity and sexual content involving minors.

    In total, TikTok removed some 113 million videos in Q2 2022. The platform’s automated defenses deleted 48 million videos, while the moderation team removed more than 65 million. In addition, TikTok changed the initial decision and restored about 6 million videos.

    Of those videos, nearly 44% were removed due to minor safety. TikTok deleted about 24 million videos, about 21% of all, due to illegal activities and regulated goods. Out of all removed videos, adult nudity and sexual activities made up nearly 11% or about 17 million videos.

    Cybersecurity writer at Atlas VPN Vilius Kardelis shares his thoughts on TikTok safety for minors: “While TikTok might have solid policies to protect minors, it does not always reflect in practice. Social media platforms develop new products or functionalities and release them without seriously addressing online safety, particularly for minors. As of now, TikTok seems behind other companies when it comes to creating a safe environment for their underage audience.”

    Minor safety

    While most content on TikTok is fun or educational, people can still find some disturbing videos. Out of the total videos removed due to minor safety, nearly 76% involved nudity and sexual activity involving minors.

    Harmful activities by minors made up nearly 16% of all removed videos due to underage people’s safety policy. Content containing physical and psychological harm to minors made up about 4% of violations.

    Of all deleted videos due to minor safety, 2.4% were engaging in the sexual exploitation of underage people. At the same time, grooming behavior was the reason behind nearly 2% of video removals.

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