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Tinder is iPhone’s top-grossing app globally with $33m revenue in September


Data presented by Stock Apps indicates that Tinder was the highest-grossing iPhone app in September with a revenue of $33.86 million. The data overviewed the global revenue of the top ten apps.

From the research, eight out of the ten apps are mobile games. Monster Strike recorded the second-highest revenue at $28.92 million followed by King of Glory at $25.68 million. Disney+ was fourth with a revenue of $23.97 million followed by Dragon Quest Walk at $19.22 million.

Other top gross grossing apps include Jedi Survival ($19.13 million), Pokemon Go ($17.02 million), Pubg Mobile ($16.28 million), Roblox ($16.1 million), and Three Kingdoms ($16 million).

The Stock App research highlighted some of the models used by Tinder to emerging as the top-grossing app. According to the research report:

“The developers continue to remain innovative appealing to different demographics. Despite the competition, Tinder’s subscriber rate continues to grow. The team is now appealing to the Gen Z users with the latest features like the interactive Swipe Night experience. Such a feature lets daters match based on decisions they made while engaging with the interactive content, as well as location-based features.”

The research also overviewed the top ten leading iPhone apps in the Apple App Store in the U.S in September 2020, by revenue. Disney+ is the leading earner at $18.33 million followed by Tinder with a revenue of $17.36 million. The dating app, therefore, made more than half of its revenue at 51.26% in the United States.

Other top-grossing iPhone apps in the U.S include Roblox ($12.43 million), Pandora ($9.36 mobile), Candy Crush Saga ($8.82 million), Bumble ($6.77 million), Pokemon Go ($6.54 million), Hulu ($5.91 million), Homescapes ($5.69 million), and Pubg Mobile ($5.47 million).

Image: solenfeyissa/Pixabay

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