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Tips on How to Look Confident in Front of Potential Investors


Even if you prepared well for a business pitch, you can’t help but be nervous during the presentation. The problem is that you might exude a lack of confidence if you can’t maintain a brave face during the presentation. Here are some tips to help you look confident in front of potential investors.

Practice your speech 

You will feel ready to face these investors if you know what to say. You prepared yourself to explain the business plans and win them over. You know that even if you receive tough questions, you’re ready.

Be optimistic

Don’t be ahead of yourself and take things as they come. You will feel nervous when you already start to think about the results even before you begin talking. Allow the process to finish and worry about the results later. Try to be optimistic, and don’t let fear stop you from doing well. Think of happy thoughts. Envision your business being successful after the investors funded your ideas.

Prepare the venue

If you experience technical problems or other issues, you will feel more nervous. Hence, it helps if you come to the venue early and prepare everything. Check the sound system and make sure it works. Install a projector ceiling mount to firmly hold the projector for smooth slide presentation. When the potential investors arrive, you won’t panic.

Think about your hard work

When you worry, go back to the reason why you’re doing all of this. Remember the work you put into the creation of the business plan. Add to that the hard work poured by your employees to make things happen. Now isn’t the time to let things fall apart. You are way too far into the process to fail.

Go back to the value of your business

The reason why you decided to start a business is to solve a problem. You understand that people face issues, and you want to extend a hand in solving them. If you can’t win these investors, you also can’t help the target audiences.

Know the investors better

You feel nervous about the people you’re going to face because you don’t know them well. You see them as individuals who can make or break your dreams. Once you get to know them, you will realise that they also worked hard to get to where they are now. Upon reaching success, they also helped other people reach theirs. You will be next in line if you prove yourself worthy of their investment.

Another reason to know their background is to understand what matters to them. Find a way to make your business idea relatable to these investors. Read about the other businesses they funded before. Determine what made them say yes to these companies.

Hopefully, you can win your investors over and succeed in starting the company. Don’t let them feel that you’re nervous while you present. They might take it as a sign that you don’t believe in what you’re saying.

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