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Tola Mobile launches mobile money with online Digital Magazine Stand


Tola Mobile is collaborating with Touchtechmedia to provide mobile payment processing for Touchtechmedia for their online digital magazine service www.buymymag.co.uk, an E-Money service.

With a vast range of the best-selling British and International magazines to choose from, mobile users are able to purchase single issues and annual subscriptions via their device through a simple and secure payment process. The digital magazine content is provided in collaboration with Zinio, the world’s first and largest digital newsstand.

Tola.mobilepay is a frictionless payment method built for readers on mobile web and smartphone apps, and will initially be available exclusively for O2 customers. The greatest advantage for the publisher is that there is no need to collect any credit card details, as Tola.mobilepay allows readers to pay‐to‐read via their mobile using the source of funds that they already have built‐in to their mobile phone (monthly bill for post‐paid phones and stored credit for prepaid phones).

The added value of paying by mobile is the real-time verification process.  Security is provided at check-out with a one time 4 digit pin received in an SMS to the customer’s mobile device.

Shane Leahy, CEO of Tola Mobile, says: “We are very happy with the seamless integration of Tola.mobilepay and have been very impressed with Touchtechmedia’s ability to tailor their platform with mobile money payments.  It is an exciting time for us and we look forward to more integrations”

Touchtechmedia Managing Director, Matthew Barbieri, adds: “The Tola Mobile Pay team have a very in-depth knowledge of mobile payments and have been very easy to engage with during the different integration phases. We look forward to working with Tola as we continue to enhance our mobile commerce product development and billing options available for our customers.


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