Monday, May 27, 2024

    Tola Mobile and Wi-Q offer a new way to order and pay via mobile

    Mobile-based ordering and payments service Wi-Q has added Tola MobilePay as a payment option on its revolutionary cloud-based mobile payment and ordering system.

    Wi-Q is a cloud-based service that can be accessed directly from a customers’ mobile device, whether it be laptop, smartphone or tablet. Wi-Q puts the ordering and payment capability in a customers’ hand. It’s simple, intuitive interface can be tailored to a brand and has the functionality and flexibility to evolve alongside a business.

    It can also be integrated with any existing website, electronic point of sale (EPOS) or an App, a business may already have, affording them the opportunity to extend and improve upon existing functionality.

    “Wi-Q can be used on any mobile device, and empowers customers to pre or live-order their choices from the menu, add to their order and pay their bill from the comfort of their seat, removing the need to wait or queue,” comments Shane Leahy, CEO of Tola Mobile.

    Whether in a bar, restaurant or hotel, the customer connects to the Wi-Q platform via Wi-fi or their mobile network and then sees the menu of products and services for them to choose from. Users can then choose to pay via Credit/Debit card, PayPal, cash, room service and now Tola MobilePay.

    Tola MobilePay allows customers to pay for goods and services online using their mobile phone. When a user reaches a payment screen, they simply enter their mobile number to receive a PIN via SMS. They enter the PIN and then the charge appears on their mobile phone bill. There’s no need to enter cumbersome credit card details or billing addresses, and no redirections required, meaning customers stay on a company’s site and everything stays within their branding. Tola MobilePay is currently integrated with O2, EE and Vodafone, enabling businesses to easily transact with UK consumers.

    “Wi-Q improves customer experience and choice. By placing the menu and ordering capability in the customers’ hands, there will be an increase in order value and order frequency,” says Graham Cornhill, Managing Director Wi-Q. “Designed for today’s busy lifestyles, Wi-Q is set to revolutionise the speed and convenience of the ordering process in a myriad of environments, from coffee shops to theatres, restaurants to beach clubs.”

    “Tola provides a frictionless, fast convenient payment method across all major networks allowing for alternative payments. The service is effective in hospitality environments, as time wasted means opportunities lost. Hand in hand with Wi-Q, Tola MobilePay provides a fast, secure and convenient way to improve customer experience and reduce the hassle normally associated with processing payments.” adds Shane Leahy.

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