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    Top 5 US app store games hit $9.7m daily revenue in April

    Mobile games continue generating impressive profit for the most successful game developers. According to data gathered by GoldenCasinoNews, the five leading iOS gaming apps in the United States hit $9.7 million in daily revenue this month. With nearly $2.7 million daily profit, Roblox represents the top-grossing US App Store gaming app in April. 

    Two leading iOS gaming apps reached $5m in daily revenue

    In 2019, Roblox Mobile hit more than $1bn in lifetime revenue, and 67% of that amount came from the United States. At the end of the last year, the kid-friendly creation platform reached over 290 million downloads. Although Google Play downloads made 75% of that amount, statistics showed Apple users were likely to spend more in-game, with iPhone and iPad spending accounting for 76% of revenue.

    Fornite ranked as the second top-grossing iOS gaming app in the United States with $2.3 million in daily income this month, revealed the Statista data. The Epic Games` megahit won the title of the leading free-to-play game in 2019, reaching $1.8bn in revenue. 

    Statistics show that Roblox and Fortnite, as the two leading iOS gaming apps in the United States, reached over $5 million in daily revenue this month. With $1.8 million daily profit, Candy Crush Saga ranked as the third most-profitable US App Store game.

    Coin Master hit $1.7m in us app store daily profit

    With $1.7 million daily revenue, Coin Master ranked fourth on this App Store list. Statistics show the popular single-player mobile game created by Israeli studio Moon Active hit over $17 million in revenue and more than 2 million downloads globally last month.

    PUBG Mobile-2nd Anniversary ranked as the fifth most-profitable iOS gaming app in April, reaching almost $1.4 million daily profit. Last month this free-to-play multiplayer action mobile game hit 11 million downloads and $23 million in revenue worldwide.

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