Monday, May 20, 2024

    Tradedoubler unveils technology that will drive greater success for digital marketers based on smarter results

    New technology that will enable digital marketers to more accurately target their advertising when online shoppers are most likely to make a purchase, has been unveiled by Tradedoubler.

    The enhanced platform uses buying behaviour data to bring unprecedented levels of insight into consumers’ online purchase journeys. Marketers can use these insights to optimise their marketing activity across all digital channels, increasing the success of their campaigns and maximising their return on investment.

    Recent research suggests that digital marketers are feeling challenged by the pace of technological change and the way consumers shop online. Tradedoubler’s platform is designed to address these challenges head-on.

    “If the professional marketer wants to achieve smart results, they need to untangle a complex web of interconnecting platforms and technologies that make up today’s digital ecosystem,” said Tradedoubler’s CEO, Matthias Stadelmeyer.

    “Our powerful new solution which combines digital marketing expertise with a market-leading technology platform, aims to cut through the complexity and deliver the right advertising, to the right people on the right device at precisely the right moment. That has to be the holy-grail for marketers looking to maximise ROI from their online advertising budget,” added Stadelmeyer.

    The Tradedoubler platform is connected to all programmatic media sources or supply-side platforms (SSPs) across Europe. Its publisher network comprises of over 180,000 websites and is another key channel for marketers looking for global reach. The platform collects and stores own first-party data, enriched with second and third-party data in the data management platform (DMP).

    At the core of the new platform is Tradedoubler’s proprietary business intelligence tool, ADAPT. Marketers can plug-in their own KPIs (sales, leads, clicks, impressions or other metrics of their choice) and drill down into their data to create the insight they need to deliver targeted performance advertising, across multiple high quality digital channels.

    ADAPT tracks millions of online customer journeys so that marketers can create dynamic and personalised online advertising. This User Journey data brings new levels of understanding about how shoppers use different sites and channels when researching and making online purchases. Marketers can track the online purchase behaviour of their customers across different channel and category types, publisher segments, even down to the individual websites they visit en route to purchase.

    According to Stadelmeyer, “This is a game changer for our clients, as our highly accurate tracking will give them a complete picture of all online journeys leading up to the sale.”

    Using this intelligence, Tradedoubler can also help optimise retargeting with related products and services or replacement products when consumers are most likely to need them.


    Cookieless Tracking

    In a separate announcement, Tradedoubler is also helping digital marketers to more accurately measure the success of their campaigns on devices and platforms that block cookies — the traditional mode of performance tracking. Blocked cookies result in untracked activities, leaving marketers uncertain where sales are coming from and publishers without commission. Now marketers get the complete picture of all online journeys even when a cookie is not present, whilst knowing they comply with all European privacy legislation.


    Future developments

    Early next year will see the introduction of cross device tracking that tracks journeys across multiple devices including smartphones, tablets and computers. Further enhancements will be made that extend beyond display and text link advertising to include mobile, search, social and email.

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