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Traditional telco model is broken, as UK enterprises prioritise ease of use: Aryaka offers a solution


Covid-19 has rewritten how enterprises set up their network. For years they have relied on traditional telcos models to meet their network needs. Now however, these needs have been turned on their head, and telcos are falling short.

Instead of being tied in to costly, long-term DIY contracts and outdated technologies, businesses are searching for a new way, a flexible solution that can ensure bandwidth wherever the workforce is working from.

MPLS won’t be the flexible needs, but there are alternatives out there. Managed cloud-first WAN solutions take the hassle away from the enterprise, and this is a trend that has seen massive growth in recent months, as businesses flock towards managed solutions.

Aryaka, a leading provider of cloud-first managed WAN solutions, has in recent months beaten out some of the industries largest telcos to significant contracts, including a $10 million contract with a financial services industry leader.

Aryaka Networks, the leader in fully managed Cloud-First WAN solutions, today announced major customer wins in the Europe Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region. The new multi-year contracts span multiple verticals, across both combined managed WAN and security use cases. Importantly, Aryaka both won when competing with and partnering with global and European telcos.

Over the lockdown period, Aryaka signed several deals worth over $1million across its EMEA region, which spans from the Arctic Circle to the equator. The largest of these, with a deal value of over $10 Million, was with a financial services company with over 10,000 employees operating over 80 sites globally.

Displaces legacy telcos as renewal cycles drive customers to managed WAN

A key driver for Aryaka’s sales acceleration is the Europe-wide renewal and expiration of Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) contracts signed before the recent disruption caused by COVID 19 and, in the EU, Brexit.

Enterprises with multi-site, global needs, and now supporting Work-From-Home employees, require new levels of network flexibility and cloud support for SaaS applications, as well as increased security. Many need to support a global, distributed workforce which nearly doubled overnight due to COVID-19.

EMEA buyers demanding more flexibility and more support

Typical of Aryaka’s new large deals is a financial services sector customer, deploying the company’s global managed WAN solution, Aryaka SmartServices, to future-proof its corporate network. In another significant win, Aryaka displaced a major incumbent ’flag carrier’ telco. Introduced by EMEA-based partner Ricoh Enterprise IT Services, Aryaka’s solution allowed the customer to manage communications during deployment, demonstrating how superior networking and security services integration supported employee productivity.

“We’re pleased with the momentum and larger deal sizes we’re experiencing with Aryaka’s cloud-first managed WAN and security offering,” said Ian McEwan, Senior VP of Sales and General Manager for Aryaka EMEA. “As more European customers review their inflexible enterprise network contracts Aryaka and its partners are demonstrating real value in a budget-constrained environment by addressing the changing demands of the hybrid workplace. Our new managed security offerings and partner relationships help us address larger and more diverse customers region-wide.”

European companies are increasingly opting for Aryaka SmartSecure Private Access to provide secure, reliable connectivity for remote workers needing hybrid workplaces, Aryaka Managed Check Point CloudGuard Connect for secure internet access, and Last Mile Management which simplifies under-pressure network operations. Aryaka’s products have seen notable traction throughout, with demand for licenses skyrocketing from the start of the remote working mandate.

In addition to customer momentum, Aryaka is enriching its partnership network in EMEA,  expanding its relationship with Deutsche Telekom’s global IT consultancy, formerly known as T-Systems. Other new channel partners include Controlware based out of Germany and e92 in the UK.

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