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Truphone makes eSIM easier with integrated global bootstrap solution for devices


Truphone has launched a bootstrap connectivity solution, enabling any device to connect straight out of the box.

With bootstrap, end-users are immediately connected to a cellular network from the moment their devices are turned on.

The bootstrap profile comes pre-installed on the device and connects that device to any available network, wherever it is in the world. Using bootstrap connectivity, the user will then be able to install an operator profile of their choosing over the air—for as long as they need it. The bootstrap profile remains on the device should the user want or need to switch operators later in the lifetime of the device.

For users, the initial experience is easier and more convenient. They won’t have to insert a SIM card or type in a Wi-Fi password to get their device connected—it’s done automatically. Reducing devices’ reliance on Wi-Fi becomes especially prescient in developing markets where fixed-line connectivity is less prevalent.

For the emerging IoT market, bootstrap is essential to activate devices remotely or where no interface is available. This allows devices to be set up and configured by a central administration, without the need to manually interact with them locally.

For device makers, bootstrap provides for a more efficient supply chain—enabling them to confidently manufacture eSIM enabled devices in a single product line, safe in the knowledge it will connect out of the box anywhere in the world.

Truphone bootstrap is already being used in some of the world’s most prominent connected devices. As the only provider in the world that develops and operates its own GSMA compliant eSIM, remote SIM provisioning and global mobile network, Truphone can provide a single solution encompassing the necessary hardware, software, and management platform to enable truly intelligent connectivity.

Steve Alder, Chief Business Development Officer at Truphone explains: “A bootstrap SIM profile in a device provides the first breath of life, to make a connection wherever it gets unboxed. Bootstrap allows the device to go through a set up process and locally configure, without needing to be manually attached to Wi-Fi or any other network. Truphone’s global network and eSIM technology means device makers eliminate the complexity of physical SIMs, simplify supply chains and easily get their devices connected around the world. It’s a small but integral piece of technology that has an immense amount of potential for OEMs distributing their connected devices internationally.”


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