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    Turkcell uses 4G/LTE broadcast to create live mobile video services

    Turkcell held the first demonstration of LTE broadcast on its network during a derby between Fenerbahce and Galatasaray Odeabank – two of Istanbul’s biggest basketball teams – enabling fans to stream live HD video content from four different angles in the arena.

    This is not only a testament to the strength of the technology but also offers a real glimpse of how value added services are likely to evolve – particularly around mobile video. Ericsson’s solution delivered an immersive live streaming mobile experience using Turkcell’s 4G/LTE network. This added a new dimension and value to the live sports experience, matching the viewing quality and real-time action of the live game.

    Ilker Kuruoz, CTO Turkcell, reported: “A high quality and immersive stream that doesn’t just match, but can actually exceed the live viewing experience sports fans can access through current broadcast TV delivery”.

    Just to remind those that don’t like the jargon – Long Term Evolution (LTE) is a communication channel for multicast-broadcasting as defined in the 4G network standard. The technology enables operators to send a single stream of data to numerous mobile users in a single area, which is more efficient than multiple signals to multiple users. It’s worth noting that last month; operators EE, Telstra, KT and Verizon formed the LTE Broadcast Alliance, which is aimed at fostering new business models and driving adoption of the technology.

    Rafiah Ibrahim, Head of Ericsson Region Middle East, said:”With mobile data traffic expected to grow 15 fold until the end of 2017, largely driven by video, LTE Broadcast is proving to be a vital solution for mobile providers to optimise their networks, increase efficiency and provide the best possible mobile video experience”.

    Ilker Kuruoz, CTO Turkcell, supports this view: “To be able to offer LTE broadcast experience, operators have to establish dedicated spectrum and make sure that this does not influence LTE/ VoLTE (voice over LTE) communication in any way”.

    And as far back as 2012 during an interview at Mobile World Congress, Radisys Director of Marketing – Ray Adensamer pointed out: “Operators can monetise mobile video by offering differentiated and personalised real-time mobile video services”.

    And all this is provides a clear indication of how MNOs might reverse the trend of becoming just “dumb pipes” and once again, start adding some real value to their network by provisioning genuinely new and exciting value added services – particularly around mobile video.

    And this is not a new idea; remember the good old days of voice? Data usage was increasing at a higher rate than revenues and it was value added services that more than plugged the gap; with ringtones, conferencing, voice mail and other premium rate offers. This is possibly the best illustration of why the MNOs need to start working far more closely with the very same “Telemedia” / Value Added Services industry that proved such valuable partnerships in the past.

    So expect to see far more MNOs at the forthcoming World Telemedia show in Marbella on the 18th -20th October (see – where premium services (such as mobile video and advertising), monetising traffic, OTT strategies and developing new value added services will be high on everyone’s agenda.

    So in partnership with progressive MNOs like Turkcell – who also provide OTT services such as TV, broadband, smart cloud and music – the Telemedia industry has the capability to provide innovative services and great a customer experiences long into the future. However in the words for the LTE Broadcast Alliance, this will only come by fostering new business models and driving the adoption of new technology. We predict that for many this will start at World Telemedia in Marbella on the 18th – 20th October.


    For more information on World Telemedia 2016 on the 18-20 October, visit or email

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