Friday, April 19, 2024
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    txtNation launches carrier billing in ‘lucrative’ South African market

    txtNation is now offering carrier billing services in South Africa, a market the company deems to be “highly lucrative”.

    Called Online Billing Services (OBS) in the country, this is a direct billing service provided by aggregators on whose behalf the mobile network bills and collects payment for content services from the South African mobile subscriber. Originally provided by Vodacom, this service is now available across other networks.

    Through this Direct Operator Billing platform, users can pay for digital services in just a few seconds. With ‘Silent Billing’ you can enable subscription billing with no requirement for MT billing messages.

    The company says that all services are allowed – although adult must be glamour – and if doing quizzes there must be a skill based element and/or subscription to gain WASPA approval, which can take up to two weeks.

    There are no age verification issues, and the maximum price point, which used to be R200 per month, has been lifted so there are no price restrictions.

    Cell C retry is allowed 4 times a day without extra costs and MTN retry is allowed 4 times a day as well, but the costs are R0,05 per try. Therefore txtnation is recommending not to use retry options for MTN. When a user is not chargeable for 30 days in a row, the user will be unsubscribed from the service, warns the company.

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