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tyntec bags A2P Messaging Industry award from ROCCO Research


tyntec, a global cloud communications provider, today announced it was awarded a Tier One ranking in ROCCO’s 2020 A2P SMS Messaging Vendor Performance Report.

In the global research based on direct evaluations from 353 mobile network operators (MNOs), ROCCO captured tyntec’s strength in solving customer challenges in key areas with flexibility, transparency and expertise.

Presenting from a three-day virtual event (due to Covid-19 related lockdowns and travel bans), ROCCO analysts shared their survey results and deeper insights on how enterprises continue to use A2P SMS for various use cases, especially as an authentication method, echoing the growing demand for one-time-passcodes over SMS.

“ROCCO just announced the tier ones this year and tyntec once again remains a compelling and smart choice in our MNO Vendor Benchmarking study. Many MNOs rated them highly on their industry expertise and the help they have given them to explore the right solutions for their messaging businesses. Congratulations again to tyntec,” says Jason Bryan CEO, ROCCO RESEARCH.

As more and more businesses large and small start integrating A2P SMS and over-the-top (OTT) chat channels right into their business applications and workflow, it is critical for communications platforms to provide access to all 5 billion unique mobile subscribers around the world.

“What started out as a basic 160-character messaging service, SMS is increasingly playing the role of breaking down the app silos. Even if most consumers don’t realize it, it’s thanks to SMS that Apple’s iMessages can be delivered to Android phones. In addition, as a standardized technology, SMS provides the ubiquity critical for getting time-sensitive verification codes and transaction alerts to everyone,” says Thorsten Trapp, co-founder and CTO at tyntec. “My team continues to focus on expanding and enriching our connectivity and capabilities to help enterprises meet their customers where they are. So with a huge thanks to everyone who participated in the ROCCO study, we’re thrilled to be awarded with the Tier One title two years in a row.”

Over eight years ROCCO has been providing independent and unsponsored research in the telecommunications industry, providing unbiased and insightful analysis.

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