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tyntec rated as one of the top three A2P SMS Providers in ROCCO’s annual A2P SMS messaging vendor performance report


tyntec, a telecom-web convergence company has been named as one of the top three A2P SMS messaging vendors by 260 mobile network operators (MNOs) in an independent study conducted by The Roaming Consulting Company (ROCCO).

The survey, published in “A2P SMS Messaging Vendor Performance Report 2016,” is designed to help quantify performance criteria to assist MNOs in obtaining a wider perspective of the A2P SMS vendor landscape to improve decision-making. Out of a group of 32 A2P SMS providers, operators gave tyntec high marks on a total of 35 KPIs that are fundamental to the delivery of A2P SMS messaging services.

ROCCO describes tier one as receiving at least four out of a total of five points from operators, across all categories. tyntec was named a tier one vendor and even outscored other suppliers, receiving the highest marks in the following general performance KPI categories: reliability, technical expertise, transparency, and understanding of interconnect (there are only five providers in this selective group of tier one). Analysts described tyntec as having avid supporters in the MNO ecosystem with appreciation for its achievements in A2P SMS.

“The A2P SMS market is crowded and MNOs often find it challenging to identify the right vendors that actually deliver satisfactory service for their needs. What ROCCO is trying to do is create a community for information and advice exchange to aid in vendor decisions,” said Jason Bryan, CEO, ROCCO. “tyntec has extensive knowledge on A2P SMS services and scored best for reliability and technical expertise, they would be a preferred partner for operators.”

“At the heart of our success is our strong, long-lasting relationships with MNOs around the world that are often our strategic partners, as well as customers,” said Stefan Kuehne, Director Carrier Relations, tyntec. “A2P SMS messaging services are part of our core competencies, which makes this ranking and comments that we’ve built trust among MNOs extremely meaningful. We’ll continue innovating and building out the capabilities of our offering to deliver the utmost value to our operator customers.”

The news comes hot on the heels of a great study into A2P from Mobilesquared, which suggests that the A2P messaging market could be worth as much as $58billion by 2020, but only if MNOs get to grips with investing in next-generation SMS revenue assurance platforms – which so far many are failing to do.

The mobile intelligence firm estimates that only 15% of mobile operators had invested in a next-generation SMS revenue assurance platform by the end of 2015, and forecasts just over 50% of mobile operators will have deployed the platform by 2020.


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