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UK boasts fastest average mobile internet speed in the world


While you stand staring at your smartphone watching the spinning wheel of death, be grateful that you live in the UK: we have the fastest average connection speed for the mobile internet at 20.4 Mbps, a 28% increase from the previous quarter, of any country in the work. We are even better than Denmark, which in second place, has 10 Mbps.

So finds the the First Quarter, 2015 State of the Internet Report from Akami out today, which assessed internet speeds in 62 regions and countries.

Average peak mobile connection speeds spanned an extremely broad range, from 149.3 Mbps in Australia down to 8.2 Mbps in Indonesia. A total of four countries – Australia (149.3 Mbps), Japan (126 Mbps), Singapore (116.4 Mbps) and Thailand (105.4 Mbps) – posted average peak speeds above 100 Mbps, up from two countries in the fourth quarter.

In Europe, the UK achieved the highest average peak mobile connection speed at 90.9 Mbps, followed by Germany (69.4 Mbps), Spain (57.1 Mbps) and Italy (53.7 Mbps).

Denmark led the world in the percentage of unique IP addresses connecting to Akamai from mobile network providers within the qualifying countries/regions at average speeds of over 4 Mbps, with a 98% adoption rate. It was followed closely by Sweden (97% adoption), Venezuela (97% adoption), Australia (96% adoption) and the United Kingdom (95% adoption).


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